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Is deciding where to eat a reoccurring ordeal in your family? One person wants Chinese food, the other wants Thai, and someone else wants Japanese. It seems no one can make up their mind! Introducing… Lantern Lane!

Step into a world of food choices at Lantern Lane, Cairns’ little slice of Asia located inside Stockland Shopping Centre.  You will have no shortage of choices with six Asian cuisines on offer including Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese, Korean, Lao and Chinese with over one hundred mouth-watering traditional dishes to choose from at very affordable prices.

Owner Jay is very passionate about offering customers an experience to remember, this is shown through his love for Asian cuisine, incredible food and great customer service. All dishes are created with fresh ingredients and right in front of your eyes, so it’s almost like you’re in the kitchen with them (minus the cleanup!).

Dishes cater to a variety of diets, won’t break the bank and will have you asking for more. Sink your teeth into delicious dumplings, steaming hot pho, wonderful seafood laksa, fresh rice paper rolls, succulent bulgogi beef, comforting udon noodle soup, indulgent karaage fried chicken and many, many more options. You’ll feel as if you’ve stepped out of Cairns and into a cosy little side alley in Asia to taste the local cuisine.

For mum and dad, be sure to check out Yesco Bar and try one of the 14 beers and wines from Asia to accompany your meal.

Lantern Lane is conveniently located near the Stockland Shopping Centre food court, and is open from mid-morning until late every night, making it ideal for a scrumptious dinner with the family or a quick meal in the middle of your shopping spree. You can enjoy your meal in a space surrounded by lanterns and vibrant street art and in air-conditioned comfort, making Lantern Lane a dining experience like no other in Cairns. If you’re on the go, in a rush or simply wish to enjoy your meal in the comfort of your own home, they also offer takeaway.

At Lantern Lane there is something to please everyone in the family. Whether you choose to order for yourself or have the best of both worlds and share a variety of cuisines, your tastebuds will not be left unsatisfied and deciding where to eat will never be an issue again.

So, the next time your family is struggling to decide what to eat, head on down to Lantern Lane and discover your new favourite eating spot in Cairns. Check out Lantern Lane or Stockland!