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Discovering you’re pregnant is an exciting time for any couple, whether it’s the first time or the fifth time, knowing you’ve created a little human is pretty incredible. Once the initial excitement has subsided though, the realisation that your life is about to be turned upside down sets in, and you start to think about preparation for your baby’s arrival. Here are 22 essentials to prepare for your baby’s arrival until that first birthday.

PakMag has collected some of the best in the business to help you on your journey from fertility to first year.

I’m Pregnant, Now What?

Dr Phoebe Hong

Dr Phoebe Hong can help you with all things pregnancy and lady parts related. She is an expert at keyhole and
laparoscopic procedures so you are in experienced and non-invasive hands. She can help with fertility issues, and everything from conception to birth. Dr Phoebe can also speak Cantonise, Mandarin, and basic Japanese.

P 4230 0030

Ramsay Health

Ramsay Health’s qualified and experienced team share a philosophy of family centred care. Choosing Cairns Private Hospital for the birth of your baby means you’ll have the obstetrician and paediatrician of your choice, a team of experienced midwives and lactation consultants to assist with breastfeeding, a special care nursery for sick or premature babies and childbirth; and parenting classes.

Their lovely birthing suites also come equipped with a luxurious deep bath for pain relief during labour. Comfort doesn’t stop there. Sofa beds are provided so partners are welcome to stay overnight after the birth of your baby in your private or shared room, a candlelit dinner is provided to celebrate the moment of your baby’s first night.

P 4052 5200

Dr Thomas Wright

Dr Wright has been a Specialist Obstetrician and Gynaecologist in Cairns since 1990. He provides prenatal counselling services and personalised obstetric care, together with general gynaecology care. The Cairns Private Hospital is his preferred hospital for inpatient treatment for both Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

P 4041 2600

Wuchopperen Health Service

Dedicated to improving the quality of life for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, Wuchopperen provide holistic care for women through their Women’s Health Program offering early intervention, prevention and clinical care by GP’s and specialists.

P 4080 1000

Birds of Paradise Clinic

Dr Liz and her team are passionate about personalised, discreet and high-quality healthcare for women. They offer care for general and high-risk pregnancies, recurrent miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy, antenatal ultrasound and lots more.

P 4041 5081

Cairns Community Child, Youth & Family Health Services

If you’re after a one stop shop which is mostly covered by Medicare for your family health needs, then this is your place. They offer child health support, help at home medical visits and a range of courses and services.

Cairns North: 4226 4315
Edmonton: 4226 4945
Smithfield: 4226 4803
Kuranda: 4226 9170

Get your home baby-ready

Little Aussie Monster

Interested in using cloth nappies for your baby? Little Aussie Monster® is a family owned and operated business, based in Cairns, which began because they found that whilst Modern Cloth Nappies were great, they weren’t overly affordable.

So, they set about changing this by starting their own Modern Cloth Nappy Outlet. 30 modern cloth nappies cost about $330, whereas you’ll need 5840 disposable nappies at a cost of $2300. So not only will you save money, but you’ll help the environment too.

P 4221 2588

Atherton Juniors

Locally owned and operated, Atherton Juniors pride themselves on offering expert advice, personal attention, and friendly customer service. Browse a range of car seats, clothing, gifts, nursery furniture, prams, bedding, toys, and much more – all you could need for bub, plus more. They also have an online store for your convenience.

P 4091 2732

The Nappy Bucket

Discover the world of cloth nappies with The Nappy Bucket’s huge range of Australia’s best brands of nappies. They also stock swim nappies, breast pads, reusable wipes, baby creams and more.

Not only are they environmentally friendly, they’ll save you a ton of money and they come in a range of adorable designs.

P 0484 686 315

Audi Centre Cairns / Cairns Cars

When we find out we are having a baby, often we realise we need to upgrade our vehicle. If you are looking for a fantastic car either new or used, go and see the team at Cairns Cars so they can help you find the perfect car for your growing family.

P 4046 6333

Cairns Vets

You’re having a baby, but chances are you may already have a fur baby in the home. It may take some time for your pet to become accustomed to the new member of the family, but there’s ways to help them adjust. The experts at Cairns Vets can give advice on obedience training, changes in routine and introducing the two once baby is here.

P 4032 9999

Look after yourself

Raylene Srhoj – Intimo Stylist

Raylene is a Professional Bra-Fitting specialist providing professional in-home fitting and styling session. Intimo is an Australian Owned Company offering a fantastic maternity wear range. Book your Private styling session or create a social occasion by gathering with a group of mums-to-be.

P 0407 024 299
FB Raylene Srhoj Stylist


Discover a wide range of quality maternity clothing, accessories, gifts, hampers, and more. Find everything you need to go through your pregnancy in comfort and style until bub’s arrival. Contact for an appointment or check the Facebook page for upcoming events and pop-up stores near you.

P 0403 527 277

Zoe Strickland Massage Meditation and Hypnobirthing

Zoe teaches hypnobirthing for calm, gentle, empowered birthing and mindfulness meditation courses for calm,
gentle, empowered living.

Zoe is inspired to do so because both are resources to self- regulate how we think feel and respond to our environment, both internal and external.

Zoe’s hypnobirthing classes are amazing for both mum to be and support person to learn simple and effective ways to go through the birthing experience as peacefully as possible.

P 0420 504 421

Baby is here!

Collier Lawyers

Once your baby has made their spectacular entrance into the world, it’s time to update your will to include them in it. It’ll help make sure your children will be provided and cared for hopefully how you wish.

Writing a will can be confusing and off-putting, which is why you should always consult an expert; the team at Collier Lawyers can help you put one together that fits your needs and wishes perfectly.

P 4214 5666

Sleep Right Sleep Tight

Is your little one having trouble sleeping? Sleep Right Sleep Tight offers clear, easy to follow plans to help them sleep through the night and take long, restful naps during the day. You’ll discover useful strategies, get the opportunity to troubleshoot problems and learn how to address a range of issues. Hang in there, tired mumma; there’s a solution out there.

P 0426 934 415

Proactive Physiotherapy

Pregnancy can do all kinds of crazy things to your body, and sometimes it may need a helping hand to recover. Proactive Physiotherapy can deal with a range of prenatal and postnatal issues including abdominal separation, incontinence,
prolapse, back pain and much more.

They can also assist with unusual pains and aches during pregnancy and help you gently ease back into exercise after baby is born.

P 4053 6222

Dr Arno Ebner – Cairns Doctors

Paediatricians are doctors who specialise in caring for children. Dr Arno at Cairns Doctors ensures your little one is healthy and developing as they should be. He is always happy to be contacted and looks forward to working with you.

If you would like an appointment, see your GP or one of our doctors at Cairns Doctors for a referral.

P 4242 5300

Family Day Care Cairns

Family day care is approved child care that truly focuses on each individual child’s development, while providing high quality early learning in an educator’s own home.

Family Day Care Cairns services Edmonton to Palm Cove, Cairns, Kuranda & Mareeba.

P 4032 1259

Mt Sheridan Plaza Small Steps

Small Steps is a family group that provides a safe and social environment for babies, toddlers, kids and adults, providing the chance to enjoy time together.

As a Member you receive discounts at participating retailers, regular newsletters, gain exclusive access to invitation only events that feature entertainment, refreshments and prizes. All of this comes to you free of charge.

P 4036 3150

Tobruk Memorial Pool

Did you know newborn babies are born with something called the ‘Swimming Reflex’? When babies are placed
in water, they will start to move their arms and legs in a swimming motion.

Tobruk Memorial Pool offers swimming lessons for babies to help nurture this reflex into life-long skills.

P 4051 2604

Calanna Whole Health Pharmacy

Offering a range of chemical-free baby and cleaning products, Calanna Whole Health endorse a natural approach to raising a family.

Need advice? Highly trained pharmacists work with extended health times to take care of you and your baby’s whole health in a family focused environment.

Pharmacists are available 7 days a week till late in Cairns, Atherton, and Innisfail. No appointment required.