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Looking for a family healthcare practice that cares beyond the number of clients through the doors? Reliable healthcare practices that value not only you, but your family too; are something that everyone deserves. Health should be a major priority in life and you should feel listened to in regards to any health care queries or concerns that you have. 

It’s important that general check-ups or health concerns are taken seriously – and trust me, even I have experienced times where I knew that the person I was talking to was not fully invested in how to help me to the best of their ability. At Balance Health Clinic in Edmonton, we are always working on the most efficient ways to help others, because we want to make sure that our patients, of all ages, feel heard. This doesn’t just include health – as the Centre Manager, I am always happy to discuss any concerns over your rights, confidentiality or suggestions you may have.

Solving the mystery of symptoms that cause health concerns should be a basic principal of any practice. This shouldn’t mean jumping to an answer or diagnosis that gets the patient out of the door as soon as possible. It can often be stressful for some to visit the doctor in the first place, so a welcoming environment and a team of friendly and experienced Doctors, Nurses and Healthcare Professionals, can work wonders.

We are Cairns’ only GP Superclinic, aspiring to be a one-stop allied health service for those in both Edmonton and surrounding suburbs. This makes it easy to access the services you may need outside of Balance! and know that they too are a dedicated, reliable provider. We can help connect you with a variety of mental health, physiotherapy and pathology professionals. Our centre itself provides vaccines and immunisations, extended hours of operation, pap smears, wound management and a lot more.

Come visit our practice in Edmonton, next to Sugarworld, and we can discuss how to start providing you with the absolute best care possible. To make it easier for you to access healthcare when you need it, we are also open 7 days.

As we face the uncertainty of the Coronavirus pandemic, we want to assure you that your family’s wellbeing is our top priority, and that we are in this together. Please call the clinic if you believe you may have the virus and we’ll discuss your options over the phone: 4055 4400 or visit our website here.