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The road to falling pregnant is different for every parent. Some of us accidently fall pregnant, some try for a month and fall pregnant, some try for months or years and have success, and sadly some are broken hearted time and time again. PakMag interviewed three local Cairns mums about their journey to conceiving their bundles of joy and becoming parents.

Deanna, Ryan and Darcy Ward

Juggling a busy career as the National Maternity Services Manager for Ramsay Health Care,
based at Cairns Private Hospital, Deanna Ward knew what having a baby was like, and knew she and her husband would have to have a plan to make it work.

“Ryan and I were married for 7 years before we decided to try for a baby. I was already 35 years old and didn’t want to try for years. So we spoke to a fertility specialist, Dr Elizabeth Jackson, and asked her for some tips on falling pregnant.” To Deanna and Ryan’s surprise, just under a year later she fell pregnant with baby Darcy.

“At first I was in disbelief. Was the pregnancy test accurate? I told Ryan and we were both in shock – Happy shock!”
Being a midwife herself, Deanna was excited to embark on the journey of motherhood. “As soon as I was pregnant, I booked in with my obstetrician and the ‘Know My Midwife’ program at Cairns Private Hospital.

It was so reassuring having familiar faces around me throughout this journey. I was determined to continue travelling and building my career, so Ryan and I decided he would be the stay at home Dad and I would return to work full time.”

Deanna’s advice for other families trying to conceive is to plan in advance, consider your finances, and to quit smoking and eat healthy to better your chances of conceiving. “Speak with a fertility specialist or GP about your plan to conceive too as they will have some great tip and tricks.”

Andrea, Alan, Scarlett and Flynn Attree

While the road may have been bumpy, Andrea and Alan’s story certainly has a very happy ending.

The journey was a difficult one, with several miscarriages before Scarlett was welcomed. “We had been trying for three years. She was my rainbow baby after miscarriages,” Andrea told PakMag.

However, conceiving a second time proved to be difficult. “After seeing a Urologist for another reason, my husband was told after a sperm count test that his count was really low. Our only hope was IVF,” Andrea recalled. “We left the Urology office feeling down, dejected and my husband was in tears. I told him to leave it with me.”

Andrea remembers almost giving up after her miscarriages, but if she had, her daughter wouldn’t be here. “So off on my little mission I went. I researched and researched. We sought advice from a fertility doctor and decided to try male vitamins in a three-month package.”

In January 2016, she felt a bit off. “What if I was pregnant? I bought a test, did the deed, and I saw two lines. I was shocked and in disbelief, and kept telling myself no way!”

“I shook my husband awake and shoved the test in his face. He sat up, still half asleep. He was gobsmacked, speechless, but completely over the moon.”

Later that year, Andrea and Alan welcomed baby Flynn into the world. Andrea’s advice for other couples wanting to conceive is to “find a great doctor to point you in the right direction and get the support you need. Do your own research and find out what would be right for you or what would suit your situation.”

Annette, Clay, Alex and Cameron Jarrett

When Annette and Clay decided to start a family, Annette was told she would never get pregnant unless she lost weight. The journey they embarked on proved that life is full of surprises…

“I was 40 years old and told to lose 50kg or I’d never get pregnant,” Annette recalls. “I made the decision to get lap band surgery which completely changed my life.

I lost 47kg in 11 months.” After losing the weight, Annette and Clay decided it was time to add a little one to their family. To their surprise, she fell pregnant with twins!

“We were so excited, and upon finding out we were having twins, we were even more excited,” Annette tells PakMag. “I had the perfect pregnancy – no morning sickness, no back pain, no swollen ankles. Our families were so excited for us.” Alex and Cameron, 9 years old, were born at 38 weeks and weighed 3kg each making for a very happy family.

Through her experience, Annette encourages other families who are struggling to conceive to keep trying, stay determined and stay positive. “Keep trying, follow the advice you are given and you have a much better chance that it will happen.”


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