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At Cairns Private Hospital, we strive to make your birth experience one of luxury, comfort and the best of care. With friendly, professional staff, a variety of services and the award-winning Know My Midwife (KMM) program, we are here to help you create the ideal experience for when you welcome your little one into the world.

The maternity services at Cairns Private Hospital have been developed to provide flexibility and choice to mums-to-be, with a focus on you and your baby’s individualised care. Our staff understand that you have your own childbirth and breastfeeding expectations, and they aim to provide you with the physical, emotional and educational support to achieve your goals during this special time.

The Maternity Unit

Our Maternity Unit is accredited through the Baby Friendly Health Initiative and also offers the security of a special care nursery and adult critical care unit should the need arise, to give you total peace of mind that you and your baby are in good hands. We also have a large choice of experienced Obstetricians and Paediatricians who will care for you and your baby.

When the big day comes, you’re guaranteed a private room with ensuite following the birth of your baby. There are 16 parenting suites to provide couples the opportunity to stay together in hospital after the birth of their bundle of joy, as well as a maternity lounge room with a children’s play area, TV, fridge, sofa and dining area. We even offer you and your partner a candlelit dinner to celebrate the occasion. There are luxury spacious birth suites with labouring pools and one-on-one care by an experienced Midwife and your chosen Obstetrician.


Extensive postnatal education is offered, including preparation for home, bathing, settling, swaddling and infant feeding. We’ll supply you with everything your baby needs, from nappies to wraps and everything in between whilst you are in hospital.

Drop-In Clinic

You’ll also have access to the Postnatal Drop-In Clinic commencing this July, which offers support with newborn reviews, maternal reviews, breastfeeding, expressing, parenting and education, plus access to our experienced Lactation Consultant.

We’re ‘people caring for little people’ and their parents to be. Why not contact us today to arrange a maternity tour and discover why Cairns Private Hospital Maternity Services exceeds its reputation?

For many new parents, the challenges of a young baby can sometimes be quite overwhelming. An unsettled baby, late nights and feeding difficulties are just some of the many trials that new parents face, and sometimes they need support and reassurance which can be difficult to access.

Our new Early Parenting Centre at the Cairns Private Hospital has been set up to address some of these concerns and to provide a safe haven for parents and babies of Far North Queensland who are having a difficult time.

Our Early Parenting Centre will open early this month at the Cairns Private Hospital and will offer both residential and day stay post-natal support to families with children aged between two months and two years of age. This new service is the first of its kind in Far North Queensland and will be a place where parents will be supported with compassion and offered guidance in their efforts to care for their little ones.

The unit will provide personalised assistance for a range of needs including:

• Feeding difficulties
• Infant sleep disorders
• Irritability
• Reflux and colic
• Maternal exhaustion
• Maternal anxiety
• Post-natal depression
• Plus, support and information on adjusting to parenting

Our team-based approach to care at the Centre includes the expertise of lactation consultants, maternal child health nurses and mothercraft nurses. They are also supported by a great team of clinical psychologists, paediatricians, psychiatrists and social workers.

Group education is an important part of our Early Parenting Centre, and our highly-trained staff will cover a variety of topics including sleeping and settling techniques, feeding and nutrition, establishing routines, emotional bonding and attachment as well as adjusting to transitions and self-care and support.

Through personalised care and education, the Cairns Private Hospital’s Early Parenting Centre’s qualified staff will work in partnership with families and parents to develop sustainable, individualised action plans addressing your specific concerns.

Know My Midwife’ Program

A program for mums-to-be are able to form trusted relationships with those who will be with them on the day of their most precious delivery. There is so much choice when it comes to childbirth nowadays. At Cairns Private Hospital we have made it a lot easier for mums-to-be to have the very best of all worlds with our Know My Midwife program.

This program offers mums-to-be the very best in midwifery care from pregnancy through to labour and postnatal care. Our Know My Midwife (KMM) program is unique in that it offers women the benefit of having their chosen obstetrician and the support of midwives they know.

Our KMM program offers women access to midwifery continuity of care, labour and birth care, shared-care and postnatal care for up to six weeks after the birth of their child. The program also offers parenting education and support throughout pregnancy. Our hospital’s team of allied health professionals are also there to assist including physiotherapists and lactation consultants. There is also support for mums with comprehensive antenatal care.

This program has been running since 2016 at the Cairns Private Hospital and has been a huge success for both new and existing mums. Studies have found that women who are cared for by the same midwife throughout their pregnancy are less likely to need intervention during labour and are less likely to report a traumatic birth.

Midwifery Continuity of Care: “…being cared for by, and able to build trust and rapport with, the same Midwife during pregnancy, through labour and birth, and into the early weeks of mothering – has benefits for mothers, babies and society.” – Australian College of Midwives, 2017.

Our Know My Midwife program offers the very best of care, both with the obstetrician of choice and midwives that mums-to-be, form meaningful and trusted relationships with. It helps reduce much of the stress and anxiety associated with childbirth and in the early days that follow.

Our personalised care in addition to group education will help strengthen confidence and empower caregivers on their parenting journey.