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We caught up with Sharon from Tropics Occupational Therapy to chat about her established practice and the city she calls home.

Tell us about Tropics Occupational Therapy?
Tropics Occupational Therapy is an Occupational Therapy private practice specialising in services to children and families. Paediatric OTs help children develop skills in areas such as play and socialisation, independence in self-care, participation in early education or school, sensory and motor skills, and emotional self-regulation. Any parent who is concerned about their child’s development or behaviour can get support.

Why did you start the business?
After more than 20 years working as an employee in health and education sectors, I felt like it was time to try a new direction. I wanted to be able to offer a highly-personalised service to families, with the freedom to provide intervention in a responsive and flexible way.

Have you got any examples of success stories?
Success occurs in lots of little ways. When a mum tells me she feels more confident in managing a challenging situation with her child or that they coped with a new situation by knowing what strategies to try, that is what we are aiming for. Sometimes I receive lovely emails to share their success and it makes my day! Other times, it is the moment when I am working with or modelling a particular skill with a child and the parent tells me, “That’s the first time they’ve done that!”.

Tell us about your family
I am mum to two teenage boys, one in Year 12 and one in Year 9 this year. I was a little worried about what the teenage years might hold but I’ve found teenagers are clever and funny! My husband works in tourism and hospitality.

What do you love about living in Cairns?
We get to live in a holiday destination all year round! Doing a day trip to the Tablelands or Port Douglas, or even going for a swim at the Lagoon is a great way to feel like you’ve had a mini-break. I also love Rusty’s Markets with all the great food and produce – I look forward to going every week.

You can see more about Sharon’s work here