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Little Pearls Swim School is a boutique-style private swim school with a focus on social, emotional, physical and mental development, located in Smithfield. Passionate about childhood development, they are dedicated to teaching children to be lifelong swimmers.

The directors bring more than 20 years teaching experience in both the swimming industry and the education department. They understand that there is more to swimming than just swimming; it promotes an active lifestyle early on in life, builds endurance, improves coordination, develops confidence and boosts social skills. This focus in development of all areas of life is evident throughout the swimming sessions.

Through swimming, young children will develop mobility functions and this supports the mind to body connection. Children lacking in confidence can feel empowered by overcoming a fear of the water and can build social skills by communicating with fellow classmates. Not only does swimming aid childhood development, it also opens many doors to competing in water-based sports and participating in fun activities.


Little Pearls Swim School offers a variety of programs suiting all ages and abilities. Starting with the the baby and toddler programs before graduating to the learn to swim program.

All programs are led by passionate, caring instructors and delivered in a safe, calm and nurturing environment. Class sizes are small, and held in an indoor heated pool with an Ozone water system. There is also a bilingual instructor on the team who can fluently speak English and Japanese.

Managing Director Penny Soper is a director on the board of Australian Swim Schools Association, the peak industry body for swim schools striving for worlds best practice swim schools which produces a safer and lifelong love of swimming.

Little Pearls Swim School has a shop stocking many swimming accessories, swimming nappies (disposable and reusable), caps, ear plugs and goggles. They also have “goggle fitting” to ensure you find the perfect set. Light refreshments, drinks and cookies are also available.