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Sometimes a product comes into the market and you can’t help but think, “Why didn’t I think of that?” This is exactly the case with Adfresh Farms Easy Cubes, an innovative new product created by local farmers Sebastian and Cyrene Torrisi from Mareeba. 

Adfresh Farms Easy Cubes make household cooking fun and easy. Using specially designed processing equipment, the Torrisi’s have created fresh herbs, spices and other cooking condiments into small mess-free, ready to use, frozen pop out cube portions.

Simply pop them into your cooking, marinades, dips, pasta’s, salad dressings and more. Adfresh Farms Easy Cubes come in garlic, basil, chilli and coriander with plans to expand the range in the future. A project five years in the making, the hard work has certainly paid off for the Torrisi family!

When it all started

“Since the launch of Easy Cubes in late 2014, we have had a great response from the local community and so much positive feedback. We have also had many travellers and campers say they have been using the Easy Cubes, when they head out on their adventures.”

Perhaps the best thing about these innovative little cubes is that they are grown in our own backyard, on a family-owned fruit and veggie farm 60km outside of Cairns in Mareeba.

“It all began when Cyrene struggled to find Australian garlic in the supermarkets. So she asked me to grow our own garlic here on our farm,” Sebastian tells PakMag. “So I did, and a bumper crop it was.”

“Faced with over supply of fresh garlic for ourselves, we decided to peal the garlic, put in the food processor, then poured the pureed garlic into an ice cube container. Once the cubes were frozen we emptied the container into a zip lock bag which was placed back into the freezer. So any time Cyrene needed garlic she would simply pop a frozen cube into her cooking. It was so easy!”

And from there, the idea for Easy Cubes was born. “We thought we could do this to all our herbs we grew on the farm and would make cooking time so much easier. No more pealing, chopping or herbs going off in your fridge.”

What makes it different

“Our product has further benefits compared to other herb products on the market as we use freezing to preserve,” the Torrisi’s tell us. “We are able to process the fresh herbs within two hours from harvest, maintaining the highest quality and freshness.”

“This allows us to produce a 100 per cent natural product packed with flavour which will lock in the fresh flavour for up to two years in your freezer.”

If you’re constantly throwing out herbs after they go off, are tired of spending a fortune on spices and are sick of your kids complaining about your cooking being “boring” (I know I’m not the only one, right?) then Easy Cubes hold the answer.

Once you try them, you will realise just how easy it is to add flavour, freshness and fun into your cooking.

July 2021 Update: Adfresh Farms are now supplying their frozen herbs and spice cubes to Laird and Pascoe under their banner Jase’s Kitchen® dropins™ frozen Herbs & Spices.