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Are you looking for an outstanding school in Cairns for your child? Do you want:

  • A caring, committed staff who will encourage your child to strive for his/her best in the academic sphere?
  • An excellent pastoral care program which fosters the development of the whole child – academically, socially and spiritually?
  • 21st century facilities and a cutting-edge pedagogical approach?
  • A one-stop, birth-to-graduation education solution? Our Early Learning Centre caters for babies from six weeks through to Kindy age. Your child will transition seamlessly from day care to kindy through to primary and secondary school.
  • Affordable fees?

Look no further – come and discover what the outstanding school in Cairns, MacKillop Catholic College, has to offer!

What do MacKillop Students Love About Their Outstanding School?

“We learn about writing and we make parrots”- Thomas (Prep).

“I love all my friends, and the sandpit! When I came here everyone was very friendly and kind to me.”- Zaria (Year 4).

“It’s a great school because you get to make a lot of friends.” – Helecia (Year 6).

“I love the new learning facilities.” – Paige (Year 7).

“The teachers are kind and always available to help us.” – Ayla (Year 7).

What are our Parents Saying?

Doreen Deede: “It’s like home, we love it here. I believe MCC offers a very special and unique learning experience and opportunity for all the kids to learn and to grow.”

Chrisstella Fourmile: “The sense of the community here at MacKillop is respectful and inclusive. I couldn’t talk more highly of MacKillop. The teachers are passionate and want to be at the school. What more can you ask for? MacKillop is a welcoming, safe space for families”

How About our Staff?

Alice Bowman: “The best part of my job is getting to engage with the kids, not only at a classroom level, but outside the classroom as well. A lot of the time we feel like a big family.”

Sarah Coleman: “The facilities have been master-planned to encompass flexible spaces and agility in classrooms – everything from write-able surface to multiple screens, to floor-to-ceiling walls to pin things to. Students have ownership of the spaces and can determine how and where they work within them.”

Luke Reed (College Principal): “We are committed to joining with parents and families in partnership for the education, development and formation of our young people. And this we do in a safe, caring and disciplined environment.”

Student and teach at outstanding school in Cairns work together on laptop
Students and teachers at Mary MacKillop, outstanding school in Cairns, do work inside classroom
Two students at the outstanding school in Cairns, MacKillop Catholic College, talk with teacher outside
Students at MacKillop Catholic College,, an outstanding school in Cairns, recieves help from teacher in classroom. Other students are int he background.