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High potential and gifted students are found across diverse family, socio-economic, language, cultural backgrounds and different geographic locations. Here at MacKillop, we firmly believe that given optimal conditions, high potential can lead to high performance and achievement.

MacKillop Catholic College is excited to launch its new Academy for Creativity and Excellence, our ACE program, which will promote and support students of high potential to achieve their personal best. We are deeply committed to supporting the learning and achievement of all students. In 2022 students in Years 8 and 9 will be accepted into the Academy.

The aim of ACE is to identify students with potential, develop their talent and transform this potential into performance, through ability grouping and providing tailored learning experiences for students. ACE students will be challenged through a rigorous and differentiated curriculum. They will access a variety of cross-curricular learning and enrichment experiences, including a range of competitions and events run by universities and professional organisations. We want to support our ACE students as they develop the skills and knowledge required for specialised senior secondary pathways.

Academy classes offer a faster pace of study to enable students to focus on extending, refining, and using knowledge meaningfully through the development of higher-order thinking skills. Students will be encouraged to become creative and divergent thinkers, and take part in complex individual and collaborative problem-solving.

To participate in this program, students need to be performing at a high level in their academic studies, demonstrate consistently high attendance and positive behaviour and take part in co-curricular activities such Sport and the Performance Arts.

Students from other secondary schools are very welcome to apply to MacKillop’s ACE program. For further information contact Sarah Coleman, Associate Principal – Teaching and Learning. We are really looking forward to welcoming students into the ACE program – taking students with potential, developing their gifts and talents, and seeing them achieve their personal best.

Come and join us at MacKillop and “Grow with us” as we all strive to achieve our personal best. Find out more about us and about enrolling at