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At the southern-most edge of Edmonton, in the foothills of Mount Peter, you will find Cairns’ newest Catholic school – MacKillop Catholic College. From humble beginnings in 2016, MacKillop Catholic College has grown each year to become a thriving, bustling school of around 650 students and over 100 staff in 2021. By 2025 when our first Year 12 students graduate, we anticipate our P-12 school will be educating over 1,000 students in the state-of-the-art, modern facilities. We invite your family to be part of the amazing growth here at MacKillop.

As a modern Catholic school, MacKillop is proud of the reputation we have built for being open, friendly, and inclusive. We welcome applications from all families, regardless of their religious affiliations. In addition, we offer a values-based education and a safe, happy, family-oriented environment. Pastoral care of our students and their social-emotional learning underpin all that we do. Overall, the MacKillop Way of learning is based on the values of Respect, Engagement and Personal Best.

The Education at MacKillop Catholic College

Our focus on a growth mindset permeates all learning from Prep through to secondary schooling. In general students are encouraged to embrace challenges, be persistent, and to become resilient learners for life. Our agile learning spaces facilitate delivery of a dynamic and integrated curriculum, with a focus on 21st century skills such as communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking.  Mainly, our goal is to prepare students for a range of pathways – university, the world of work, or vocational training and apprenticeships.

Facilities of MacKillop Catholic College

MacKillop’s outstanding new facilities provide for a range of opportunities for our students. Thisareas including Design Technologies, Sport teams, Music and Performing Arts. Plus, the specialised and professional staff are dedicated to providing amazing experiences for our students. Ultimately we aim to produce well-rounded, global citizens whilst maintaining high academic standards.

Applications for Prep through to Year 9 in 2022 are now open. If you would like to join the MacKillop family, apply online now via our website. Come and discover the MacKillop difference!

MacKillop Catholic College students work on science project


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