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VTech and LeapFrog leading the way with their partnership, creating eco-friendly products from reclaimed and plant based plastics.

A Gift for children and the environment, just in time for Christmas!

The first drop consists of new green electronic and wooden toys aimed at promoting development, learning, and engagement. Making it their mission to design and manufacture innovative, high-quality products in a manner that minimises impact on the environment, the duo hope to create sustainability, and pave the way forward for the industry.

It’s a step in the right direction for VTech and LeapFrog, who have made a commitment to replace the use of fossil-based plastics with sustainable alternatives by 2030. The wooden toys are also made with timber from responsibly managed forests that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

VTech Ride & Go Recycling Truck, RRP $59.95

This recycling truck is made from plastic that is 90% reclaimed, which means less waste goes into landfills. Beginner recyclers will love hopping on this lean, green recycling machine and pushing it round while learning about recycling and reusing everyday objects. Load up the green heart, yellow hexagon and blue circle play pieces that represent plastic, metal and paper. Sort them into the correct bin, just like at home. Kids can also explore ways to repurpose everyday items or take a quiz to reinforce what they’re learning. Reuse and remix the included melodies by inserting a block in a bin to add sound effects that make each melody sound new. Blocks store inside the truck for easy clean up.

VTech Toot-Toot Drivers Bio-plastic Special Edition Vehicles, RRP $14.95

Grow your imagination while you reduce, reuse and recycle with these earth-friendly vehicles that are perfectly sized for little hands. Each Toot-Toot Drivers vehicle features a light-up face and three sing-along songs and six melodies. But these little vehicles are mighty kind to the environment because the plastic used to make them is 85% plant based and comes from renewable sources. All Toot-Toot Drivers, even the clever Bio-plastic Special Edition Vehicles, are compatible with other Toot-Toot Drivers playsets.

LeapFrog Choppin’ Fun Learning Pot, RRP $39.95

The Choppin’ Fun Learning Pot™ is a recipe for learning fun! And with all the vegetables made from 85% plant-based plastic, it’s also a recipe that’s more sustainable for the environment. Children love to pretend to cook. Prepare broccoli, sweetcorn, a tomato and a carrot with snap-apart vegetables, a play knife and cutting board. Hear the pot respond with encouraging phrases as kids add veggies to the pot. Want to make spaghetti sauce? Follow five step-by-step recipes to encourage learning with play. Chop the food and set the temperature dial. Now press a food button and stir the pot to make spaghetti sauce, rainbow soup, corn on the cob, carrot soup and broccoli with cheese! Watch the pot “boil” with pretend water in the front panel. Hear the pot count to 10 and talk about colours as you play. Serve up your creation in the bowl, pick up the spoon, and dig in! All the pieces store in or on the pot for easy clean up when playtime is done. Soup-tastic!

LeapFrog Interactive Wooden Animal Puzzle, RRP $29.95

Perfect for playtime! With four interactive play modes, this puzzle is full of delightful surprises. Match animal puzzle pieces by shape and colour. Animal names and sounds, colours and fun facts are featured in Animals mode and in Numbers mode, count the objects hidden under the animals. Questions about animals, colours and numbers help reinforce the learning. Add musical notes and animal sounds to background beats in Music mode. Hear an animal symphony when you take out all the pieces at once. Go wild for puzzles! This product is made with 100% FSC-Certified wood and the plastic in this product is 90% reclaimed.

LeapFrog Touch & Learn Nature ABC Board, RRP $39.95

Bring a love of nature into the world of learning with the Touch & Learn Nature ABC Board. With a touch-sensitive wooden board and an animated light-up LED screen, this toy tablet teaches letters, letter sounds and counting. Explore 26 animal/letter buttons, a music button and more. Touch the animals one by one to count to 10! Add an appreciation for nature with activities and phrases about weather, nature sounds, animals and conservation. Let’s learn to reduce, reuse and recycle! Nine interactive activities such as Animal Band, Sound Detective and Weather Report reinforce learning with playful activities. Learn with a touch of nature! Wood is 100% FSC Certified. Plastic is 90% Reclaimed.

To wrap it all up

VTech and LeapFrog’s current packaging is 94% recyclable, while 90% of the cardboard used is from recycled material. VTech has committed to eliminating fossil-based blister packaging and replacing it with a plant-based alternative in 99% of the electronic learning products by 2025. VTech also prides itself for being a member of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation, committed to reducing the environmental impact of its packaging.