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Just like everyday schooling, on the surface, most dance schools are the same. Dance classes are taught in group settings according to age and style, with a performance at the end of the year in fancy costumes… That’s all right? Well, yes, but also no.


FNQ Dance Academy’s owner Sarah Thorne believes finding the ‘right fit’ for your child is fundamentally important for a successful and positive experience with dance at any age. While the location, timetable and costs are influencing factors it’s also important to choose a school where the vision, values and future opportunities align with your own family expectations too. 

Every dance school offers something a little bit different and not every school is the right fit for every family.  

FNQ Dance Academy offers a dedicated ‘Stars of the Future’ program for ages 2 – 6 years which covers the foundations of dance movement, progressively building gross motor skills, socialisation skills and behavioural skills at developmentally appropriate stages prior to entering school.  

FNQ Dance Academy

Students have the opportunity to participate in a dedicated ‘Stars of the Future’ concert annually which is a modified mini-show specifically suited to the younger child, gently introducing them to the world of performance in a more controlled environment.

Once graduating from the ‘Stars of the Future’ program families have the option of either exam-competition classes or recreational classes. While some children and families may want to undertake exams and do competitions, others may simply want to participate in a class and enjoy the physical, social and mental benefits of regular group activities. This gives students the opportunity to explore both options throughout their dance training, while remaining part of the same overall Academy banner.

Most children who start a ‘Babies Ballet’ class at 3 or 4 years of age are unlikely to become professional ballerinas or have a career in dance, however the skills learnt teaches so much more than just ‘how to dance’.  

Be it a serious commitment or just for fun, there are so many positives. From promoting discipline and good posture, to resilience, self-regulation, coordination, time management, teamwork and confidence, dance is a skill for life. In many cases your fellow dancers are like your second family, and this is something so special to be part of and take with you into the rest of your life. 

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