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Steiner education, founded on more than 100 years of evidence-based research, supports a gradual start to academic learning with formal learning beginning in Class 1, while oral literacy and numeracy are fundamental to the kindergarten curriculum.

Shelley Pollard, Early Childhood Coordinator at Cairns Hinterland Steiner School explains “Childhood is precious. Allowing children to live in childhood for as long as possible gives them time to lay solid, stable foundations for their future. The emphasis in Steiner Education is not on acceleration, nor success or failure, but on the breadth and depth of a child’s learning; we give students time to learn and grow – mentally, physically, socially and emotionally – allowing the potential within each child to unfold.”

Rhythms and routines are a fundamental practice in the Steiner Early Childhood classroom. There are strong daily, weekly and yearly rhythms guided by the seasons and the local environment. Each day is structured in the same way. As the day progresses a kind of ‘breathing’ takes place. The times of the in-breath are times for quiet attention to what is happening, a time of contraction, while the out-breath is a time for expansion.

Rhythm is health-giving to children and helps them to anticipate what is coming next, making them feel safe and secure in their day. Rhythm also helps to direct and strengthen their will. The rhythm of their days are guided by song and action. When the appropriate song is sung for that time of the day, the children will know that it is time to wash hands, or paint, or tidy up.

Another point of difference of Steiner education is that it is an artistic education with creativity at its very heart; not just as an extra-curricular activity but embedded strongly in the core of the teaching and learning. “Across all lessons teachers present and students learn through painting and drawing, sculpture, story, music, literature, drama and movement.”

“By nurturing each child’s imagination, we develop their emotional intelligence and their creative and critical thinking abilities which are required not only to succeed in the workforce, but also to resolve critical issues facing the world today.” illuminates Shelley Pollard.

Cairns Hinterland Steiner School’s Open Day is on Saturday 14 May. Come and experience our school, our classrooms, our student’s work and understand from the teachers how the national curriculum is delivered using the Steiner approach.

All are welcome, contact the school for more information or 4093 8809