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How do we determine what education is best suited for our children, and which school can prepare them to take their place in the society of the future?

We live in a rapidly changing world, with shifting careers and political landscapes, and an increasingly complex digital, economic and social life – what skills and capacities are needed to meet these challenges?

“A few years ago parents sent their children to the school down the road. Now they are really investigating what they want for their children. And for many families, the old forms of schooling just aren’t working anymore.” says Nicole Scott, Principal of Cairns Hinterland Steiner School.

In the 21st century, education needs to go beyond memorising information and standardised testing. There is a great need for a school that addresses the heart, as well as the mind of the child. This is at the core of Steiner Education, and Steiner schools are experiencing an unbroken rise in popularity across Australia and the world.

“A relevant educational approach of today has to focus on creativity, curiosity, lifelong learning, critical thinking, innovation and originality, complex problem solving, connectedness and positivity.“ explains Mrs Nicole Scott.

How do we at Cairns Hinterland Steiner School foster these capacities of the future?

The accredited Australian Steiner Curriculum Framework follows the principle of matching the child’s education to their age; educating the right thing at the right time, and our curriculum is structured to reflect the three developmental phases of childhood.

  1. Our Early childhood education (4 – 6 years) is focused on imitation and routine in a nurturing, home-like environment.
  2. Primary education (7 – 14 years) is focused on encouraging the use of imagination and creativity through an integrated approach to teach literacy and numeracy. Children are natural learners if given the time and opportunity to explore and discover through wide-ranging learning experiences.
  3. Secondary education (14 – 18 years) is focused on developing a young adult’s intellect, critical-thinking and problem-solving, and knowing who they are and how they can contribute to the world.

The curriculum develops and responds to each child’s evolving social, emotional and academic learning – enhancing their awakening through the changing methods of teaching from early childhood through to high school. Steiner education educates the whole child – “The head, the heart and the hands”.

Cairns Hinterland Steiner School’s Open Day is on Saturday 14 May. Come and experience our school, classrooms, student’s work and learn more about how we deliver the national curriculum using the Steiner approach.

All are welcome, contact the school for more information or 4093 8809 and follow us on Facebook and Instagram!