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It’s time to consider just what you want out of the school you choose for your child’s education in 2023.

Every school is unique and has different offerings for your family, so it’s important to think about your child’s needs and talents when selecting their school. When parents are asked what they would like a school to provide for their child, they often have a list of requirements. They want the pastoral care and support from a school which treats their child with empathy, yet functions within firm and sensible boundaries. Parents look for dedicated staff who respond to children’s academic, emotional and social needs.

Facilities are important, and need to be modern, well-maintained and appropriate for the students. Students who have diverse learning needs must also be accommodated to ensure they are given every opportunity to access the curriculum. Academic and extracurricular extension for very capable students is also vital to keep these children engaged and achieving to their highest potential.

Sporting programs and academies need to cater for students who wish to pursue interests in a range of different sports. Participation in Performing Arts activities creates well-rounded, confident students, who are capable of expressing themselves and have an appreciation for culture. MacKillop Catholic College at Mount Peter offers all of these qualities and more.

Here at MacKillop, our aim is to prepare students for the world of work or further education by helping them develop 21st century skills like creativity, critical thinking and collaboration. We offer a safe, nurturing environment in which we follow the MacKillop Way of ‘Respect, Engagement and Personal Best’.

Does this sound like the place for your child? MacKillop offers tours for interested families to see, feel and learn about the College. We are accepting applications now for Prep and Year 7 for 2023. Enrolment interviews will commence soon – the time is now to submit your child’s application and secure their place at MacKillop.