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When buying a 4WD or SUV you have three options. Buy new, buy demo, or buy used. When you buy a new 4WD or SUV, you obviously get more peace of mind because you know the history of the vehicle. You also have warranty, and the 4WD or SUV will likely be fitted with the latest technology. It will also likely be more fuel efficient and have the latest safety features.

Not all of us can afford a new car, though. Demo models are a great option as they have many of the above features. However, they’ve been used minimally by the dealership and often only have a few thousand kilometres racked up.

Used SUV’s and 4WD’s are of course the cheaper upfront option, however, they often only have a limited warranty. In some cases, brand new isn’t that much more of a stretch, especially if you check out the HAVAL H9, H6 or H2. They all have 7-year warranty and from $19,990, you certainly want to check them out!

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