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Budgeting seems like a dirty word to most people who can’t bear the thought of trolling through bank statements to understand where their money has gone.

Not to mention setting targets and then actually sticking to them.  Fortunately technology is now taking much of the tedious work out of knowing the detail of your spending habits.  There are now apps which can automatically track your expenditure via your internet banking. They can compare those expenses against what you want to spend.

Why is knowing what your expenses and income are important?

Whether you are a family or a business if you want to achieve your full financial potential, you need to set some goals, track your progress towards those goals. Then you should reward yourself once they have been achieved. Goals could be to take that family holiday to Disney Land, reduce the mortgage or purchase an investment property. Regardless of what the goal is, understanding what you spend and how much you can save is integral in achieving your financial and personal goals.

Show me the Money is a new service offered by Kelly Wealth Services. This service can help our clients with the assistance of market leading technology to provide easy to use cash flow tools in a cost effective manner.


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