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What is Cosemetic Tattooing and who is it for?

Cosmetic tattooing is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure. This beauty process involves tattooing special pigment into the upper layers of skin to enhance the eyebrows, lips, eyes or scalp area.

But what are the benefits of cosmetic tattooing and who is it for?


Did you know, nine-out- of-10 Australian women stop feeling attractive after giving birth?

Figures show that most mums lose confidence in their appearance “almost immediately” after their bundle of joy arrives.

The physical effects of pregnancy and childbirth on body shape were among the biggest triggers of self-doubt.

But sleep deprivation, less sexual intimacy and the lack of ‘me time’ also have a “profoundly negative effect” on self-image, particularly among first-time mums.


If you are are a new mum and are thinking about getting cosmetic tattooing done, most technicians and doctors will recommend waiting at least nine to twelve months after giving birth to your child.

This is usually around the time when your child will no longer be dependent on only breastmilk, and the chances of hormone levels interacting with the pigments and actual procedure before and after is significantly reduced.


Busy Women:

Perhaps you are time poor in the morning with no time to mess around applying eyebrows, lips or eyeliner. Cosmetic tattooing is perfect for saving time and for when you want to wake up beautiful and with some colour and shape.

At Green Spa& Beauty, we can save you the struggle of trying to get your makeup even before work or seeing to the kids.

Those with Medical issues, allergy to make up, hair-loss, breast surgery and stretch marks:

Semi-Permanent makeup/ cosmetic tattoo is also great for more than cosmetic purposes. Perhaps you have a medical issues or allergy to makeup and cosmetic products. Or maybe you have watery eyes so eye makeup is wasted and ruined before you have begun your day. Bad eyesight? Allow us to apply your makeup for you and have it last much longer.

Cosmetic Tattooing can also benefit women who suffer from hair loss illnesses or have hair loss due to chemotherapy, alopecia or thyroid issues, we can also do stretch marks camouflage to bring back youth confidence


Men with pattern baldness

Knowing that hair loss is something most guys will go through at some point in their lives doesn’t make it any easier to deal with when it starts happening to you. For the record, two-thirds of men notice thinning by age 35 and by age 50, around 85% show significant loss, but whether it’s a slight recession of your hairline or actual bald spots popping up, the biggest question is always, “What do I do about it?”

There are plenty of options out there but there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, and not every treatment works for every person.

Scalp micropigmentation is a safe and instant solution similar to tattooing.

We’re using a microneedle, pigment, and a pointillism technique to create the illusion of hair or, more specifically, tiny hair follicles. A trained technician can match the pigment to your hair and can use this technique to camouflage thinning areas, completely bald spots and completely reconstruct a hairline. The finished result typically has the look of a very short buzz cut.

Whether it is semi-permanent eyebrows or semi-permanent tattoo lip blush or liner, semi-permanent eyeliner, feather touch brows or cosmetic tattooing for post-surgery scar camouflage or areola post breast surgery cosmetic tattooing and Hairline tattoo/ scalp Micropigmentation , at Green Spa & Beauty, we believe that Semi-Permanent makeup/ cosmetic tattooing can improve your look, boost self-esteem and confidence and give back what was taken away, enhance your features and make you look younger.