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Everyone knows that drinking water provides the body with countless benefits. Aside from keeping us hydrated in the hot and humid FNQ climate, drinking plenty of water will also aid with digestion and weight loss, regulate your body temperature, help your body absorb nutrients, flush out nasty toxins and so much more. The benefits are endless!

While most types of water will offer these same benefits, drinking natural spring water has even more to offer.

Why choose natural spring water?

Natural spring water is pure, fresh and straight from the earth. Cairns Natural Spring Water is sourced right here in the foothills of Cairns. Their water has nothing added or taken away – ensuring the water you drink is as pure as it gets. It is regularly tested by a certified independent laboratory to make sure it stays clean and fresh for you and your family.

Their water contains high levels of magnesium and calcium, which keep your bones strong and your muscles healthy. It also contains silica, which is popular in the beauty industry for its amazing anti-ageing benefits. This means that on top of the many well-known benefits of drinking water, Cairns Natural Spring Water will have you looking and feeling your best!


Good for you, and the environment!

As well as the many health benefits of water, Cairns Natural Spring Water is also doing everything it can to take care of the beautiful environment it comes from. In 2015, Director Richard Sercombe made a five-year plan to be as green as possible. Sure enough, by 2020 they had become one of the most sustainable bottled water manufacturers in the state.

The first step was to go solar, which saw a big reduction in the company’s power use. Next, Richard bought a hybrid truck for water deliveries to keep their environmental footprint as small as possible. Lastly, the business uses recycled and recyclable bottles that can be blown and filled on site.

Everything is as local and as sustainable as it possibly can be at Cairns Natural Spring Water. It’s great for the environment, and for you!