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Welcome to the best local resource for Cairns Families- helping you live your dream life up North.

Hi there, so nice to meet you.

I am Bree, the proud founder of PakMag.

Back in 2007, I was a 26 year old ambitious young lady studying to become a primary school teacher. To pay for life and uni I supported myself financially by being a musician and childrens entertainer.  Through this work I saw a huge need for families to have a platform that would help them connect, learn and grow.  Even though I had never worked in print, I had never sold advertising, I hadn’t written a story since high school, and I didn’t have kids – I thought I would start a parenting magazine called PakMag (which stands for Parents and Kids Magazine).

Fast forward to now, I have two kids, we have printed over 3.5 million copies, over 140 editions, hosted over 350 free events for the community, a parenting podcast, Youtube channels, and an entire online platform to help parents all over the globe.  

I think parenting is one of the most important jobs in the whole world, yet we only get on the job training. I believe that if parents were supported more, we would raise happier families and the world would be a better place. My mission is to curate as much helpful knowledge from a huge variety of contributors to benefit parents and kids everywhere. 

On this site you will find articles, videos, podcasts and products that my team and I have created or curated with this mission in mind. My family love the great outdoors, travelling, music and so much more and sometimes we will be sharing our experiences with you. But I would love nothing more than to have you share yours with our community too. So if you’d like to be involved, click here to find out more.  

Thanks for stopping by, don’t forget to sign up as a PakMag VIP, we’d love to have you in our community whats on cairns. Happy parenting, and don’t forget to tell everyone you read, heard, or saw it in PakMag. 


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We help families live their best lives in Cairns

Families come in all shapes and sizes and it goes without saying – being a parent in the 21st century isn’t easy.
We are time deprived, sleep deprived, and often filled with guilt as we try to juggle all of our responsibilities.
We are here to help you be the best parent you can be so that you can do the most important job in the world – raise your children!

PakMag is the number one resource for local families, and we are so pleased you are here.

PakMag spend hours researching the wonderful things to do in Cairns and share them with you year round so you don’t have to.

PakMag collate the best things to do every school holidays so you can make more memorable moments for your children.

PakMag uncover the best extra-curricular activities in the region to keep your kids learning and growing.

PakMag enlist the help of parenting experts from around the globe to share valuable advice and information so we can learn, grow and raise incredible kids.

PakMag have a team of incredible community contributors sharing local information for the best things to do in the region with your kids.

What local families love about us 

I've been reading PakMag for 9 years and my favourite part of the magazine is the What's On section. It allows me to plan outings with bub, mum and grandparents. I also love the variety of information in the magazine like health and family situations. It really helps when you can read about other people going through similar things to you.

DijonnePakMag Reader

I've been reading PakMag for quite a while. My favourite part in the magazine would have to be the What's On Guide, it gives me ideas on what to do on the weekends with my kids.

StaceyPakMag Reader

I grab a copy of PakMag every single month as I love to know what's on in the area. My son actually fights me for the latest edition of PakMag at the moment because he wants the Minimag to see what activities there are to do. PakMag is very much a reflection of the community, all of the families that read PakMag and the families that feature in it. It's us in a magazine and that's why I think it appeals to us.

Jo-daiPakMag Reader

I have been a reader for 5 years now. PakMag is a really great magazine, it is beautifully designed and super helpful. My favourite part of the magazine is Bump and Bub. I always check out the latest products and the information thats relative to the age group of my children.

SaraPakMag Reader