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Messy Play is so important for child development. Children learn though play, and engaging in sensory exploration supports problem-solving, and cognitive and creative development. Any kind of open-ended play children enjoy and engage with supports their focus and helps stimulate their senses, promoting the growth of crucial neuro-connections in their fast-developing brains. Through messy play, children explore, connect, make sense of, and interpret the world around them.

Cairns will be holding its annual Messy Play Matters event on the 30th of May at the Fred Moule Pavilion, Cairns Showgrounds. The event runs from 9am to 12pm and will include a range of messy sensory activities!

At our Cairns events, you will find: mud kitchen, potion station, spray bottle painting and so much more! For children who may feel a little overwhelmed or overstimulated, the Cairns Team are also providing a safe, private, light-reduced sensory tent during the event, so children may have some ‘time out’, if needed.

At our Play Matters Cairns hub, we are enthusiastic about play, and our community. We strive to make play accessible for all, which is why our Messy Play Matters: Cairns event is FREE. However, registration is required, so click here to register now!

As well as playgroups, Play Matters Cairns offers parent information sessions and workshops, playgroup facilitator training, inclusion support, volunteer opportunities, and many special events held throughout the year.

Cairns is home to one of the many hubs Play Matters occupies throughout Queensland. Play Matters Cairns supports children, families and educators in Cairns and Far North Queensland, providing means for children to exercise their fundamental right to play.

At the Cairns Hub, you will find a safe and welcoming space for families, a place of community, collaboration, and innovation, led by our experienced and passionate team of Play Matters staff.

The hub offers playgroups for all ages and abilities, including PlayConnect + playgroups, baby playgroups, mixed age playgroups, and Play and Learn Supported Playgroups (PALS). PlayConnect + sessions are tailored to support children with a disability or developmental delay. Baby playgroups are to support parents with children aged birth to 12 months.

If you would like to find out more information on any of the play sessions please refer to the Play Matters Facebook page