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Schools may look similar, but education has changed a lot from when parents attended. At St Therese’s School, Bentley Park, we know it’s all about helping children be the best version of themselves, and this is facilitated through child-inspired wonder and curiosity.

“School today is very personalised as compared to our schooling being ‘one shoe fits all’ learning.” said St Therese’s Principal David Adams-Jones. “Our talented and creative staff understand that their most important calling as educators is to provide students with opportunities to explore and discover the awe and wonder of their immediate world through an engaging curriculum and integrated learning environments, both inside and outside the classroom.

This ignites and fuels students’ passion, interests, thought processes, and observations, that in turn challenges us as adults.” In recent years, Mr Adams-Jones has facilitated staff from St Therese’s to journey to Italy to gain insight into the early childhood philosophy of Reggio Emilia. Since its inception post-World War 2, Reggio Emilia guiding principles have become an international movement spanning 34 countries and inspiring 75,000 children and their families.

St Therese’s School is a Reggio Emilia inspired school with educational principles that value the student as a strong, capable, and resilient learner, which encourages them to become the best version of themselves in a safe and supportive school environment. Reggio Emilia values the parents of a child as their first and most important teacher, and in a school setting their class teacher and the environment the second and third most important factors for student success.

St Therese’s School is known within the community as a place where students have a voice, feel safe, and parents feel included in their children’s education. “We know that choosing a school for your child is one of the most important decisions you make as parents. I invite parents to walk around St Therese’s and discover the family vibe of the school while I share with you the school principles to see if they align with your family.” said Mr Adams-Jones.

Part of his passion is to help parents understand what they are looking for in a primary school and share the St Therese’s philosophy. If you’re interested in booking a personal tour of St Therese’s School, you can book on online at

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