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If you’re getting to a certain age where your teeth are not as straight as they used to be, you’re getting food stuck in your teeth that you never used to, or you get self-conscious about smiling – clear aligner therapy is a great option for you. As an alternative to braces, Clear Aligners are a series of special aligners that are made for your teeth that you wear 22 hours a day that adjust your teeth overtime. You only take them out for eating and drinking, and have the flexibility to not wear them for special events. 

How do aligners work? Firstly, your orthodontist will examine your teeth to decide if aligners are right for you, then your aligners are designed and customised for your teeth. They work by gradually moving or rotating each tooth to match each tray. Some patients may need a few attachments to their aliners. These attachments are small bumps of plastic material that are the same colour as your teeth. They provide gripping points for your aligner to easily grip into place and remain there. The amount of time needed with aligners varies depending on the amount of teeth needing to be moved or rotated. Treatment may be between 10 and 24 months. 

After the treatment you will receive retainers to prevent your teeth from moving back to how they were before treatment. Retainers may last up to a period of 6 weeks on a full-time basis and then cut back to wearing it for when you sleep.

No referral is needed and your first appointment is free, so come and see us to find out how we can help you.