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What is considered a dental emergency?

If you’re in pain or worried about a dental issue, contact us and we’ll let you know for sure whether or not you need emergent care. You’re usually experiencing a dental emergency if…

  • You have a toothache
  • It hurts to chew, brush, or speak
  • A tooth is loose or broken
  • Your gums are swollen or bleeding and won’t stop

Will my tooth need to be pulled?

Just because you have a toothache or other dental concern doesn’t mean you need an extraction. We’ll conduct a thorough examination and diagnosis to determine whether or not we can repair the issue with a filling, crown, or root canal. If a dental extraction is necessary, we’ll help you know what to expect and create a plan for replacing the tooth.

What are the signs of an infected tooth?

  • Constant toothache
  • Lingering tooth sensitivity
  • Sore and sensitive jawbone

Will a toothache go away on its own?

It’s possible your toothache may lessen or disappear, but this doesn’t mean the problem went away. In fact, the longer you wait, the more damage (and discomfort) you risk. Always seek help for a toothache (and avoid a bigger issue) right away.

What should I do if I lose a tooth?

If your tooth is still in one piece, pick it up by the crown (don’t touch the root) and gently rinse it off under running water. Carefully place the tooth back into the socket and call us right away to let us know what happened. The sooner you seek treatment, the better your chances that we can save your tooth

At, Cairns Dental Boutique, our dentists are experienced in treating patients with complex needs, dental anxieties and also patients with dental treatment failures and complications. The best way to find out and start your journey to stronger teeth and better oral health is for you to visit us for a consultation.

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