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Enjoying the Cairns Show on a budget is entirely possible with these smart tips and free activities that will make your experience unforgettable without breaking the bank. 

1.Purchase Pre-Sold Tickets and Bonus Dollars: Start your budget-friendly journey by taking advantage of discounted pre-sold tickets and bonus dollars. These special offers can help you save money while still enjoying all the excitement the Cairns Show has to offer. Check the ticketing information and grab your tickets in advance to secure the best deals.

2.Pack a Family Picnic: One of the best ways to save money at any event is by bringing your own food and drinks, and the Cairns Show is no exception. Instead of relying on food vendors, pack a family picnic with your favorite snacks, sandwiches, and beverages. Make sure to include plenty of water to stay hydrated throughout the day. The showgrounds provide water stations where you can refill your water bottles.

3. Beat the Sun – Slip, Slop, Slap: Cairns is known for its sunny weather, so it’s essential to protect yourself from the sun’s rays. Slip on a sun-safe shirt, slop on some sunscreen (which you can get for free from the FNQ Hospital Foundation Cloak Room), and slap on a hat to keep yourself protected. Wearing enclosed shoes will also ensure your feet are comfortable and safe while exploring the showgrounds. 

 4. Enjoy FREE Activities: Stick to your budget by taking advantage of the many free activities and attractions available at the Cairns Show. Explore the Over the Bridge area, where you can find the 7News Heritage Park and numerous demonstrations. From animal encounters to interactive shows and educational exhibits, there’s something for everyone in the family to enjoy without spending a dime.

5.Plan Your Show Experience: With so much to see and do at the Cairns Show, planning your day in advance can help you maximize your enjoyment while staying within your budget. Take the time to review the entertainment programs, schedules, and maps available on the show’s social media or website. By knowing the timing and locations of your favorite activities, you can optimise your itinerary and make the most of your time without missing any highlights

6.Explore the Exhibits and Displays: The Cairns Show is known for its diverse range of exhibits and displays that showcase various crafts, hobbies, and industries. Spend some time exploring these exhibits, where you can learn about local art, pottery, photography, gardening, and more. Admire the talent and skills of local artists and craftsmen without spending a dime. The WIN Arts & Crafts Pavilion and the QCWA display are just a couple of examples of the fascinating exhibits you can explore.

7. Visit the Animal Pavilions: Animal lovers will find joy in visiting the various animal pavilions at the Cairns Show. From cats and guinea pigs to birds and farm animals, there are plenty of furry and feathered friends to meet. These pavilions offer an opportunity to appreciate and interact with different animals. Enjoy the sights and sounds of the Cats Pavilion, the Guinea Pigs (Cavies) display, and the Walter Crow Pavilion, where you can observe a variety of animals and learn more about them. 

8. Appreciate the Fireworks Display: The nightly fireworks show at the Cairns Show is a spectacular event that shouldn’t be missed. Find a comfortable spot on the showgrounds and enjoy the vibrant colors and dazzling explosions lighting up the sky. It’s a free attraction that provides a magical end to your day at the show. 

Remember, enjoying the Cairns Show on a budget is all about being mindful of your expenses while taking advantage of the many free and affordable activities available. By planning ahead, bringing your own food, exploring the exhibits, and participating in competitions, you can create lasting memories without overspending. 

There’s something for everyone at the Cairns Show
Remember, there’s lots of free things to do once you’re through the gates, so no matter your budget you’ll be able to have a great time.  
Buy your tickets early and save until Tuesday the 18th of July  here
If you want cheaper rides, buy your Sideshow Alley Bonus Dollars* 
Available from the Earlville Shopping Town Ticket Booth Monday 10th – Monday 17th July, 9am – 5pm. 
Available at the Cairns Showgrounds (Main Gates) Ticket Booth on Tuesday 18th July, 9am – 5pm. 

*Bonus Dollars are not available online. They may only be used for Rides, Games, or Food within the Sideshow Alley area. Bonus Dollars cannot be spent on Showbags. Lost, stolen, damaged or unused Bonus Dollars will not be refunded or replaced.*