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If your family loves the outdoors and has an adventurous side, then you absolutely have to get out on the water with Bad Fishy Jet Boating.

If you’ve been jet boating before, you’re in for a totally new and thrilling experience, and if you have never had the pleasure of jet boating, don’t wait any longer!

Captain Patrick has 15+ years of experience driving his jet boat ‘Bad Fishy’ in the waters of several Australian cities as well as around the world, so you are definitely in great hands. His passion for our local area and his enthusiasm of jet boating culminate in you having the experience to remember.

So much more than just a fast, exhilarating ride with spins and slides, this amazing thirty-five minute journey takes you deep into the waterways of Trinity Inlet where so few of us rarely ever get to venture. Speeding along the most very edge of the mangroves, you peer right inside the wonder of this natural environment and if your trip coincides with low tide, you might even be lucky enough to spot a crocodile or two, or like on our trip, an enormous eagle with its catch of the day in its talons, soaring straight above us as well as a curious dolphin checking out the action.

Sitting back and enjoying the speed of the ride is thrilling in itself, but just before you can get too comfortable, you get the hand signal to ready yourself for the next big spin. That infamous hand signal gets your heart racing with excited anticipation of the thrill to follow.

A few brief stops to learn a little more about the environment around you also allows you to catch your breath and wipe the spray from your face before taking off again.

Asked what her favourite part was, our 10 year old daughter didn’t hesitate in saying “the spins”! And for us older kids (mums and dads), the whole trip was just awe-inspiring.

Riders need to be at least 1.2m tall. Aside from that, all you need is a sense of fun, a taste for excitement and the willingness to get wet, and Bad Fishy will add the rest for an adventure you won’t forget.

Bad Fishy Jet Boating is a locally owned and operated family business.