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Kenfrost Homes Corner: Product flexibility the key to fulfilling that new home wish list of inclusions!

David McCoy Homes sales consultant Barry Wheatley has seen his fair share of clients in the market for new homes. His career in real estate started in Sydney with a couple of big name developers for over 40 years, before a chance holiday to Cairns landed him in paradise. Before heading back home he purchased a townhouse in Palm Cove with the intent on subleasing but found himself moving he and his partner back to Cairns instead!

David McCoy Homes offer high quality, custom built houses with top of the range products. Since coming under the umbrella of Kenfrost Homes, David McCoy Homes now serves as the custom design branch for both companies which has lead to an expansive product range and design influences from both sides.


Barry Wheatley – David McCoy Homes Sales Consultant

When building a new home and sitting down with client, Barry says it comes down to 4 main areas.

1. Get finances in order.

The young people today are doing a lot more research and are smarter with their money than 20 years ago. Where before they were buying cars and what not, now they are looking at housing and investments. I have two brokers that I trust a lot to give good advice, so I will encourage people to first know what they can borrow by seeing a broker, especially in the event of a rate increase they know exactly where they stand. From there we can start going through the list of what the house can have!

2. Write out a wish list.

The best place to start is with a wish list of all the things they’d like to have and can’t live without, then we write down the other items that they’d like to have if the dollars are there. Once we know what the dollars are, we can already picture how big that house is going to be. We work within the budget to start checking off items on that wish list. And one of the biggest advantages we have is the amount of product that is available. As an example, a David McCoy kitchen at a $60k-$80k cost boasts stone bench tops with a very large amount of storage space and top of the range appliance fit out. However, with the availability of the Kenfrost Homes products, they can still get a black stone bench top and great finishes, but the size and storage is a step down so they can still check the box for a high quality kitchen, but the price now fits within budget while still offering a striking look.

3. Knowing the preferred layout

It’s important to know the preferred location of a master bedroom and ensuite and whether they would like a kids bedroom nearby in the case of a young family, or whether they want those kids rooms as far away as possible from the parents room! A three-way bathroom is an interesting concept with rising popularity. It has the toilet and bathroom as separate rooms with the sink and vanity unit in a centrally located open connector room. So all the kids bedrooms access the sink and vanity open area and then someone can be in the shower or using the toilet and there is no waiting around to brush your teeth or hair, making morning routines much smoother.

4. Choosing your colour schemes

Our colour selection here is very very good. Our interior design lady is superb, when we go through a colour scheme we go right from the colour of the front door handles, right through to the painting, tiles, cupboards, handles, skirting, and the driveway etc. It’s all done very professionally, and all guided by the keen eye of our interior design expert Lynn.

We enjoy being a part of the process of building your new home, and it’s always such a nice feeling to hand over the keys and share that moment with our clients that we’ve helped them achieve their dream of building their own home!

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