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Do you want to avoid hosting your child’s birthday party at home?  No worries! Here are 10 of the best locations in Cairns to host a party for free. 

1. Esplanade Lagoon

Free public swimming pool next to large patches of lawn and within close distance to the Treehouse Playground, skatepark and volleyball courts. Located in the centre of Cairns and surrounded by plenty of food shops and restaurants, the Lagoon is a great place to host a child’s birthday party.

2. Beaches

Cairns is home to a number of beautiful beaches, many complete with picnic areas. Beaches like Kewarra, Ellis, Palm Cove and Trinity. They are all a great spot to host a child’s birthday party.

3. Muddy’s Playground

Located on the Esplanade, Muddy’s consists of a number of both wet and dry playgrounds perfect for kids. Another great free spot within close walking distance to food shops and restaurants.

4. Botanic Gardens

Large areas of open space and beautiful, well-maintained gardens. The Botanic Gardens boasts a number of walking tracks and with free entry, the gardens are another great option to host a kid’s party in Cairns.

5. Munro Martin Parklands

Similarly, Munro Martin Parklands is full of nice gardens and plenty of open space. Open 6am-8:30pm seven days a week, the park also has free entry.

6. Lake Eacham

In the Crater Lakes National Park on the Atherton Tablelands; Lake Eacham is a lake of volcanic origin now perfect for swimming. Lake Eacham is complete with picnic and toilet facilities, perfect to spend the day and host a birthday party.

7. Goomboora Park

Made up of plenty of open space, large trees, a playground, picnic facilities and a waterhole, Goomboora is the perfect place to host your child’s next birthday party.

8. Babinda Boulders

About an hour south of Cairns, the Babinda Boulders is a large freshwater swimming hole surrounded by tropical rainforest complete with picnic and toilet facilities.

9. Lake Tinaroo

Found in Danbulla National Park on the Atherton Tablelands, Tinaroo is a large lake perfect for a number of water sports as well as fishing and swimming. While there is a small cost to camp, visitors can enjoy a day trip at the spectacular dam for free.

10. Sugarworld Parklands

On the south side of Cairns, Sugarworld Parklands consists of large playgrounds, picnic and toilet facilities and large shady trees. With the playgrounds, pathways and plenty of open space Sugarworld is a great place to host a children’s birthday party.