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What are your plans for the weekend? Why not get out there and explore all our beautiful region has to offer – with so many gorgeous locations and beautiful weather nearly all year ’round, there is plenty of fun to be had. We’ve compiled a long list of outdoor areas to explore in the Cairns region to keep the boredom at bay.

We’ve compiled a list with all the things there are to see in Cairns and surrounding areas. Best of all, it’s all free entry.

Port Douglas Beach

A day spent by the seaside is a day well spent.


Life’s a beach in the Far North. No, literally; with so many beaches to choose from, what’s holding you back from exploring them? Get some sand between your toes and make your way to a beach you haven’t seen before.

1. Myall Beach, Cape Tribulation
2. Newell Beach, Mossman
3. Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas
4. Oak Beach
5. Ellis Beach
6. Palm Cove
7. Clifton Beach
8. Kewarra Beach
9. Taylor’s Point, Trinity Beach
10. Trinity Beach
11. Half Moon Bay, Trinity Park
12. Yorkeys Knob
13. Holloways Beach
14. Machans Beach
15. Cairns Esplanade, Cairns City
16. Bramston Beach
17. Flying Fish Point
18. Cowley Beach
19. Kurrimine Beach
20. Garners Beach
21. Wongaling Beach
22. Mission Beach
23. Cardwell

Lake Eacham

Get your feet wet at one of the many lakes in the Cairns region.

Lakes, Creeks and Rivers

Lakes, creeks and rivers, oh my! There are plenty of places to explore, but not all are suitable for swimming. As always, exercise caution when swimming in the Tropical North by steering clear of wildlife, being on the look out for stinging trees and wait-a-while vines and never swimming in rapid moving waters (which is possible during the wet season, approx November-March).

24. Lake Eacham Swimming: Yes
25. Lake Tinaroo Swimming: Yes
26. Lake Barrine Swimming: Yes
27. Lake Morris / Copperlode Dam Swimming: No
28. Stoney Creek, Redlynch Swimming: Yes
29. Mossman Gorge Swimming: Yes
30. Cardwell Spa Pools Swimming: Yes
31. Oasis Waterhole, Redlynch Swimming: Yes
32. Ross and Locke, Gordonvale Swimming: Yes
33. Little Mulgrave Swimhole, Gordonvale Swimming: Yes
34. Lake Placid Swimming: No
35. Harvey Creek, Deeral Swimming: Yes
36. Babinda Boulders, Babinda Swimming: Yes
37. Alligator’s Nest, Tully Swimming: Yes (don’t worry – no alligators here)
38. Behana Gorge Swimming: Yes
39. Spring Creek, Port Douglas Swimming: Yes
40. Shannonvale Water Hole, Port Douglas Swimming: Yes
41. Freshwater Creek Swimming: Yes
42. Goldsborough Valley Swimming: Yes
43. Five Mile Swimming Hole, Cardwell Swimming: Yes
44. Syndicate Road Swim Hole Swimming: Yes
45. Finlayvale Road Swim Hole, Port Douglas Swimming: Yes

Barron Falls

The stunning Barron Falls.


Don’t go chasing waterfalls… actually, do go chase them, because there are plenty to discover. Which is your favourite?

46. Barron Falls, Kuranda Swimming: No
47. Josephine Falls, Wooroonooran Swimming: Yes
48. Crystal Cascades, Redlynch Swimming: Yes
49. Millaa Millaa Falls, Millaa Millaa Swimming: Yes
50. Fairy Falls, Redlynch Swimming: Yes
51. Zillie Falls, Tablelands Swimming: No
52. Ellinjaa Falls, Tablelands Swimming: Yes
53. Stoney Creek Falls, Kuranda Swimming: Yes
54. Behana Gorge, Aloomba Swimming: Yes
55. Davies Creek Falls, Mareeba Swimming: Yes
56. Emerald Creek Falls, Mareeba Swimming: Yes
57. Mungalli Creek Falls, Mungalli Swimming: No
58. Mena Creek Falls, Innisfail Swimming: No
59. Spring Creek, Port Douglas Swimming: Yes
60. Halls Falls, Tablelands Swimming: Yes
61. Hartley Creek Falls, Wangetti Swimming: Yes
62. Pepina Falls, Tablelands Swimming: Yes
63. Souita Falls, Tablelands Swimming: Yes
64. Kearneys Falls, Wooroonooran Swimming: No
65. Murray Falls, Cardwell Swimming: Yes
66. Millstream Falls Swimming: No
67. Cassowary Falls, Daintree Swimming: Yes
68. Nandroya Falls, Wooroonooran Swimming: Yes
69. Ponytail Falls, Tully Swimming: Yes
70. Windin Falls Swimming: Yes
71. Malanda Falls Swimming: Yes
72. Dinner Falls Swimming: Yes
73. Tchupala Falls Swimming: Yes
74. Wallicher Falls Swimming: Yes
75. Isabella Falls, Edmonton Swimming: Yes
76. Wallaman Falls Swimming: Yes (but there is a steep hike to the bottom pool)

Wallaman Falls

Whether you want to go for a peaceful stroll or an adventurous hike, we’ve got you covered.

Go for a walk

Lace up those shoes and discover what Far North Queensland has to offer in one of the best possible ways – on your own two feet.

77. Cairns Esplanade, Cairns City Difficulty: Easy
78. Red Arrow, Mt Whitfield Difficulty: Moderate
79. Blue Arrow, Mt Whitfield Difficulty: Moderate
80. Green Arrow, Mt Whitfield Difficulty: Moderate
81. Yellow Arrow, Mt Whitfield Difficulty: Moderate
82. Barron Falls Lookout Track, Kuranda Difficulty: Easy
83. Fitzroy Island Summit, Fitzroy Island Difficulty: Moderate
84. Kauri Creek Rainforest Walk, Lake Tinaroo Difficulty: Easy
85. Crystal Cascades, Redlynch Difficulty: Easy
86. Ivan Evans Track, Bayview Heights Difficulty: Moderate
87. Douglas Track, Kuranda Difficulty: Moderate
88. Earl Hill, Trinity Park Difficulty: Moderate
89. Walsh’s Pyramid, Gordonvale Difficulty: Hard
90. Mardja Botanical Walk, Cape Tribulation Difficulty: Easy
91. Cattana Wetlands, Smithfield Difficulty: Easy
92. Cairns Botanical Gardens, Edge Hill Difficulty: Easy
93. Centenary Lakes, Edge Hill Difficulty: Easy
94. Jack Barnes Mangrove Boardwalk, Cairns Airport Difficulty: Easy
95. Koolmoon Creek Track, Misty Mountains Difficulty: Easy
96. Glacier Rock Lookout, Kamerunga Difficulty: Hard
97. Granite Gorge Nature Park, Chewko Difficulty: Moderate
98. Mount Hypipamee Crater, Tablelands Difficulty: Moderate
99. Jumrum Creek Walk, Kuranda Difficulty: Easy
100. Flagstaff Hill Walking Trail, Port Douglas Difficulty: Easy

Millaa Millaa Lookout

Discover beautiful views across the region!


Sure, you can get some great views of Cairns and the surrounding areas if you get your hiking boots on, but there are also plenty of gorgeous spots accessible just by driving, so here are a few you can explore.

101. Henry Ross Lookout, Kuranda
102. Rex Lookout, Port Douglas
103. Copperlode Dam Range, Brinsmead
104. Wrights Lookout, Kuranda
105. Trinity Bay Lookout, Port Douglas
106. Millaa Millaa Lookout, Millaa Millaa

As with any outdoor adventure, prepare for a day out by bringing plenty of sunscreen and water. Remember to be respectful of the areas you visit, and take only pictures and leave only footsteps. Have fun!