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There is nothing quite like the bombardment to your senses when you first walk into a bowling alley. From the relative peace and quiet outside, as soon as you open the door, I always look forward to hearing the unmistakeable noise of the pins being knocked down, the excited cries of people of all ages celebrating a strike, or even just hitting the pins. And Cairns’ only bowling alley, Go Bowling certainly didn’t disappoint.

Go Bowling is great for families and it as well as being heaps of fun, the air-conditioned facility makes it a winner to escape the year-round Cairns heat. So, one hot Friday night in January, I piled my wife, Janelle, our 16-year-old daughter, Madi and 11-year-old son, Ben into the car and prepared them for an evening of frolics and friendly competitive Fun!

Our first step was to choose our shoes – something Janelle and Madi weren’t so thrilled about. Being the fashion-conscious, yet sensible and competitive, gent that I am, I was just thankful that Go Bowling’s shoes were well maintained and comfortable, in spite of the standard blue and red design you expect of any bowling alley! I can’t help but think that these shoes are designed so people will not be inclined to steal them! It does not matter what you are wearing, there are very few outfits that would be complimented by this style of footwear! Fortunately, I obviously ‘owned it’, as Ben would say!

I’m very particular about my balls! Choosing a bowling ball can prove to be quite challenging as the finger holes seem to vary from ‘Montgomery Burns’ to ‘Shrek’ sized holes. There also seems to be no set procedure for determining what size finger holes go with particular weighted balls. Amazingly, it didn’t take long to find a ball to suit each person, there was heaps to choose from. Then, we were ready to bowl.

The beauty of taking the family ten pin bowling is that it really does not matter how good or bad you are, it is always fun. The ‘bumpers’ for the kids are a fantastic way to ensure that they will hit the pins every time, and when they get a lucky strike, everyone gets to revel in their excitement.

I don’t know if it was the sleek lanes, the bumpers or the brand-new pins at Go Bowling, but there was something in the air that Friday and the kids were beating me! I needed something to help me get over the loss, and the smell of the fried chicken at the café was too good to resist! Chips, wedges, burgers, fried chicken and Go Bowling’s famous ‘Melts’ were all on the menu but it was the steak sanga that won me over! Delicious!

After our three games, which only cost $17.00 per person as part of the family pass, we handed over our shoes and headed home. We’d had such a great night out and, despite me not winning as I had planned, we were already planning our next trip back. And it doesn’t just have to be a Friday night either.

Go Bowling are open every day and even do functions and birthday parties for kids and adults. With bowling, food and drinks, I might even have my next party there…I might get a little practice in first though!

You can book online  or call 4053 3497