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What would you say if I told you that Orthodontic treatment could change the course of your life? 5 braces myths busted for kids in Cairns by Dr Bobby Griffin at Sunbird Orthodontics. 

It may sound a bit far-fetched, but psychologists suggest that people with an attractive smile are considered more trustworthy, friendlier, more competent and more likeable than those without an attractive smile.  In fact, people with an attractive smile go on to have better career prospects and earn higher incomes than others. Whether this is true or not is debatable. But most would agree that an attractive smile can help build confidence in the individual.

While you cannot guarantee a better career out of an Orthodontic treatment, what you can expect is perfectly straight teeth.  However, treatment by a Specialist Orthodontist gives you the best possible result because they are fully trained to bring out the absolute best in your smile, as well as providing the ideal bite and the best possible stability.

What this means is that you keep your perfect smile through the best part of your life.

It’s no secret that I believe all children should be seen by a Specialist Orthodontist around the age of nine years.  It only takes up an hour of your time, but it can save you years of heartache if orthodontic problems can be identified early on.  The best time to have braces is in the early teenage years.  This is because most orthodontic problems can be treated quickly and easily when your child is actively growing into adulthood.

If you’re dreaming of a beautiful smile, see a Specialist Orthodontist.

Five Myths About Braces:

1.       “Braces look silly”  – There are several different kinds of appliances that can be used to correct your orthodontic problems.  Ceramic braces or clear aligners are almost invisible to the casual observer.

2.       “Braces hurt”  – While it’s true that most people experience a small degree of discomfort for a few days after braces are placed, it is rarely ever worse than a headache, and is usually completely gone within a week.

3.       “Braces take forever” –  If treatment is carried out at the right age, by a Specialist Orthodontist, then treatment time is on average 12-18 months.  Some simple aesthetic problems can be addressed in as little as 3-6 months Just remember, a Specialist Orthodontist fixes ALL your orthodontic problems, not just the ones you can see!

4.       “I can’t play sports with braces” –  Yes you can!  We routinely provide mouth guards to kids who play all kinds of sports.  They are specially designed for kids with braces.

5.       “I can’t eat what I like with braces” –  While this may be true, with traditional metal or ceramic braces, you do need to adapt the way you eat for certain hard foods.  However, most things can still be eaten (for example, apples just need to be cut up before you eat them).  With clear aligners, like Invisalign, you can eat whatever you like!

Dr. Bobby Griffin is a board-registered Specialist Orthodontist and the Principle of Sunbird Orthodontics.