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Nestled in the valley between the Pyramid and Mount Peter lies MacKillop Catholic College, one of the Far North’s most contemporary schools. The story of MacKillop has been one of continual growth, from humble beginnings as an open cane field, to what is now a bustling campus.

The southern corridor is one of the fastest growing areas in Cairn. In the last few years there have been significant residential developments. Because of this, MacKillop Catholic College is responding to the increasing demand for school placements. Fortunately, they’ll ideally be positioned to cater for future expansion in this region.

The Beginning to Now

The College originally started in 2016 with 80 students from Prep to Year 3. In the past five years MacKillop has grown to over 500 students.

2020 saw the first Year 7 students in the brand-new secondary facility. These students, the first Year 12 students, will graduate in 2025. By the end of the decade the school will expand to a projected enrolment of 1600 students.

In addition, MacKillop purposely designed the contemporary facilities to maximise student involvement in the learning process. They’ve also been designed to help to lay the groundwork for diverse pathways into senior secondary schooling. This includes options for students who will enter the world of work, pursue vocational training, or opt for tertiary education. Plus, MacKillop’s next phase of building the college will expand with state-of-the-art learning spaces. These will cater for The Arts, Hospitality and Industrial Design and Technology.

Overall it is a remarkable tale of development and expansion. But, there is much more to the story than buildings and enrolment numbers. At the heart of the College are the students, who the school supports and encourages to grow and achieve their potential. Furthermore, MacKillop’s pastoral care program fosters the development of the whole child – academically, socially and spiritually. If you want a school that will nurture your child to learn and grow in a supportive environment, look no further. Come and discover what MacKillop has to offer!

Taking applications now for Prep and Year 7 in 2022 – there are no application fees!