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If you have seen the logo or heard our name but are still wondering what we are all about, here’s a quick outline.

Cairns South Together is a community-based movement led by a group of passionate people who want to contribute to making positive change where they live. We have a shared vision of ‘happy and healthy young people contributing to a brighter future in Cairns South.’ If you live between Earlville and Gordonvale, then we want to hear from you.

Cairns South Together creates a space for the community to come together, to think, create and co-design projects that make a difference. The possibilities are endless. The intention is to build strong relationships, trust and confidence, and make our community stronger. We do this by bringing together volunteers from the community, businesses, churches, local groups, services and government agencies to get the best possible outcomes for our children and young people. This type of collective impact approach involving local people and local solutions is different.

Your involvement might mean you join a working group to help design projects or activities, participate in a focus group or survey, volunteer at a community event or just be available to share your insights into the community. Whatever your participation looks like, it’s free, it’s fun and you will have the opportunity to meet new friends and make a difference. Cairns South Together is supported by the Communities
of Focus team from Mission Australia, who work in a Strengthening Communities framework.

We are based at Hambledon House Community Centre in Edmonton, alongside a range of local support services. If you would like further information, please email or like and follow our Facebook page, Cairns South Together. In the meantime, look out for our pop-up lounge space at local markets and community events.

We will also be at the South Side Celebration Day on Friday 23 September and would love to have a chat.