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If you have been trying to get pregnant naturally for over a year with no success, there are other two other options available.

First option is In utero Insemination.

This is a process where the woman has a small catheter placed into the cervix. This is then injected with sperm provided by a partner or donor. The woman may also be given medication to encourage the production of egg follicles, therefore increasing the chances of getting pregnant.

The second option is IVF.

This is a process where eggs are collected from the uterus during a minor surgical procedure. These are then placed individually in a dish with a sample from the partner or donor and naturally fertilised. In other instances, the sperm is injected directly into the egg. The fertilised embryo is then transferred back. It’s quite incredible how science has evolved.

If you or your partner are having fertility issues, go and see your GP as a first port of call. They’ll get some testing done, then of course see a fertility specialist like my team to help you on this exciting journey.


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