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There are a number of benefits in using the private health system. On average, your stay is longer in a private hospital compared to a public hospital (4-5 days depending on your delivery). However, your obstetrician can continue your stay for as long as needed. If you
and baby are both well, you can elect for an earlier discharge. Another benefit of the private system is that your partner can stay with you in hospital throughout your stay.

Outside of the hospital, there are other ways you can utilise your private insurance. Often, your private insurance will cover you for medicines, up to about $200, and visits to a number of allied health professionals, including physiotherapists who can help during pregnancy and after birth.

The private model of care involves personalised care, where you see just one obstetrician throughout your pregnancy and delivery. At the Cairns Private Hospital there is also “Know Your Midwife” (KYM) program, offering even more personalised care as well.


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