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Making a baby can be stressful if it doesn’t happen right away, but most couples, given long enough, should fall pregnant naturally. Falling pregnant within 12 months is likely if you’re having sex two to three times per week. Each cycle, there is a week-long ‘fertile window’. It starts about two days before and ends five days after ovulation. During this window, you can improve your chances by having sex every day or second day.

If you haven’t fallen pregnant within 12 months, see your GP for baseline male and female fertility investigations. Your GP can refer you to a fertility specialist if needed. If you are over 35, have irregular periods or other medical problems, think about seeing a doctor after six months of trying. Keep in mind that, on average, you are only fertile for one in four weeks. Keep stress under control with regular exercise, healthy lifestyle choices, and doing things that make you happy.


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