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… but first we need to establish that you do no have a urinary tract infection! A sudden onset of urinary incontinence, painful or burning wees, feeling unwell and/or having a temperature require a doctor’s appointment straight away.

Leakage of urine when you cough, sneeze or lift your baby/toddler indicates your pelvic floor muscles are not helping to keep your urethra closed. Leakage when you are rushing to the toilet might mean your bladder is not behaving. It is not storing your wee properly.

Physiotherapists with advanced training in pelvic health issues can assess and treat incontinence of urine and faeces. Once we have worked out what is wrong, we prescribe strategies and exercises for the pelvic floor muscles, to improve your continence.

Leakage of any amount is not normal, contrary to some things you may have seen on TV, and it doesn’t get better on its own.

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