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Why/how is a paediatric physiotherapy different to a general physio? 

A Paediatric Physio has extensive knowledge about specific conditions and injuries that affect children. A Paediatric Physio also has a thorough understanding of the growing child and motor development, reaching motor milestones and any issues related to these. A child is not just a small adult, a child is growing in his/her bones and muscles as well as in neuro, sensory and mental development. All of this is important and will be take into consideration when you see a Paediatric specialist.

What can I expect from my child seeing a paediatric physio?

You can expect to get a thorough assessment of your child’s motor issues, which allows us to set up a treatment plan together with you and your child. A Paediatric will set up a treatment plan that doesn’t feel like you are doing exercises, but rather make some changes in how every day routines are done. Your child will benefit from this as the plan and treatment will always be fun, which makes it so much easier to come to an appointment and do exercises. As a Paediatric Physiotherapist, I will always look at the child and any injuries and motor issues they may have in a holistic way.


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