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Why is it that every generation believes the old ways are the best? If we were to listen to our grandparents, parents and these days as parents ourselves, every single problem from pie making to politics can simply
be solved by going back to the way it used to be. It truly does seem the only way forwards – is backwards. Especially when it comes to the wonderful world of entertainment.

I say this after a recent expedition to the circus with my seven-year-old daughter Matilda. We left Charlie our two-year-old son at home with mum – scared he would attempt to scale the high wire or flying trapeze.
So, a D.D.D (Daddy Daughter Date) it was. And off to the circus we went. No older form of entertainment there is. And dare I say – no better.

The whole experience was pure joy not only for my daughter but also for me. Other than Lego Masters on the telly, it is hard for us to find stuff that we truly connect with together. Usually, it’s me pretending to be
fascinated by unicorns and Smiggle catalogues. But not at the circus. Under that big top we could not have been more united. The ringmaster, the juggling, the clowns and death-defying stunts had us both on the edge of our seats. So much laughing, gasping and smiling together. All the feels washed down with a frozen slushie and overpriced popcorn. It was amazing.

But as I sit here typing off the back of my post-circus high it suddenly dawns on me. Some of the best forms of entertainment we enjoy (especially as children) are as old as the hills. People have been telling stories and drawing pictures since we lived in caves. We’ve been kicking round things between posts and trying to outrun each other since man could walk. There is not a child on the planet who doesn’t enjoy at least a few things that were enjoyed by our ancestors hundreds of years ago.

So, heads up 2021. You can keep your screens, monitors and general i-Merch. I want a refund. A night at the circus with my little girl is the kind of thing I’ll remember for the rest of my life. Maybe sometimes the old ways – really are the best.

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