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Grab a bowl of cold spaghetti and get ready to mash your bananas because The Wiggles are turning 30!

Three incredible decades of Australia’s official favourite band (sorry Crowded House but the skivvies have you beat there). And what a wiggle-tastic time it’s been. I’m one of the lucky ones who remember the OG Wiggles. Part of me still sings `Wake up Geoff’ instead of ‘Lachy’. But I’ve also had the incredible pleasure of seeing my own children grow up with the newer incarnations of the group.

One thing that hasn’t changed is the smiles on little faces. The Wiggles are pure joy and it really is a wonderful thing to witness. My little boy Charlie turns three next month, so we are neck deep in Wiggles love at my place right now. Our TV regurgitates more Wiggley content than pretty much anything else.

But recently the group’s music stepped out of the TV and into real life after a visit to Wiggle World. That’s at Dream World on the Gold Coast for those keen beans wanting to visit. What a day it was. I honestly don’t think our mini Anthony (Charlie’s fav Wiggle and the one he dressed up as) has had a better time in his life.

Daddy Diary March 22

This year also marked another milestone for The Wiggles with the supergroup taking out the Hottest 100 on a radio station I refuse to name because it’s not my one. The group’s cover of Tame Impala’s 2012 hit “Elephant” has been so popular Anthony and Simon recently revealed to me and my radio show co-host Gabi, the group is releasing a full covers album (including a Wiggley take on an AC/DC classic). I don’t think any of us saw that coming.

It’s hard not to feel happy for The Wiggles and the amazing amount of success they’ve experienced for the last 30 years. Growing up with them myself, watching my now seven year old daughter fall in love with Emma (best of luck Em), then her passing the baton onto my guitar loving little boy. The Wiggles have brought so much happiness to so many families for such a long time.

For that this father says a BIG thanks. Now I’m off to tidy up my rose bush. I’m pretty sure Dorothy the Dinosaur made a lite snack out of it after the concert.

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