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Flying High over the Great Barrier Reef really is a must do. Friends and family who visit from out of town are always amazed at the majestic beauty of Far North Queensland. It wasn’t until I experienced a scenic helicopter flight with Nautilus Aviation that I truly understood the magic of our region and how lucky we are to live here.

The reef, the rainforest and everything in between. Far North Queensland has so many wonderful places to see and visit and Nautilus Aviation has a once in a lifetime experience for everyone.

From the moment we walked into the hanger, the excitement was hard to hide as we could hear and see helicopters taking off and landing. The boys were indeed in for a treat! After a brief induction and weigh in, we were jackets-on and ready to fly.

Out on the tarmac; planes and helicopters added to our anticipation and before we knew it, we were buckled in, headsets on and in the air on our way to the reef, rainforest and sand cay.


Our journey started with a flight over the Great Barrier Reef! Taking off we also enjoyed a spectacular glimpse of our city centre and pier. Flying over one of the seven natural wonders of the world, right at our doorsteps is surreal! I was completely mesmerised by the view, the colours and just how amazing the world looked from above. The flight included views of beautiful Green Island and Fitzroy Island and sightings of marine life including turtles!

We landed on Vlasoff Cay. A pristine sand cay in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. In absolute seclusion we enjoyed a lovely picnic breakfast provided by Nautilus Aviation and a swim straight off the beach to snorkel and discover the mysteries of the underwater world. What a way to experience the reef!

After some swimming and relaxing, it was time to buckle up and head over the reef and into the rainforest. As much as I love the rainforest, I honestly did not think it would not be as impressive as the reef. Boy, was I wrong! The different shades of green and the plateau of mountains as we moved from Cairns to Kuranda and looked out over the Tablelands, it all just amazed us. Seeing beautiful Cairns and its surrounds from this perspective was such an eye opener – we even saw our house!

Like all good things, our experience came to an end. Three enjoyable hours later, we were back at the airport. I could not have been more impressed with the scene, the pilot or the service. Such a fantastic business and definitely recommended for you and your family.

Their experiences include:
• Reef and Rainforest Scenic Flights
• Secluded Sand Cay Picnics
• Island Getaways
• HeliFish Adventures
• Outback Adventures
• Fly and Cruise Adventures with Down Under Dive & Cruise and Sunlover Reef Cruises

There is even something for the adrenaline junkies with several packages including Bungy, Skydive, Hot Air Balloons, Horse Riding and ATV’s!
For more information, click here to visit their website for all the experiences available or give them a call on 07 4034 9000.

Experiencing the Far North Queensland from a new perspective is incredible, we highly recommend it. And don’t forget to tell Nautilus Aviation you saw us at PakMag flying high over the Great Barrier Reef.