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Rich with marine life, the Great Barrier Reef is the largest living structure on Earth. It spans over 2,300km, is home to more than 9,000 species, and lucky for us, it happens to be right at our doorstep. It’s no wonder then that we also have some of the best marine biologists around, sharing their knowledge and working hard to keep the reef healthy and diverse.

At Sunlover, we love our reef, and we want you to love it too, so we’ve created an experience that is the perfect balance of learning and fun! Come join us and the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA), become a marine biologist for a day, and find a future for you and our reef.

Travel by catamaran to Sunlover’s two-storey floating pontoon at Moore Reef and spend the day with reef experts, marine biologists, and guides. You will be immersed in the research environment, and will get to learn about reef ecology and the monitoring systems we have in place that help safeguard our reef for the future.

Students will be taken on a comprehensive guided snorkel tour and get to participate in Eye on the Reef – a reef monitoring and assessment program run by the GBRMPA. Students will survey the marine life around them, record their observations, then submit the findings to GBRMPA. This data will help track the reef’s health and give an insight into some of the field duties of a marine biologist.

There are also plenty of out-of-water activities, including an underwater observatory, a glass bottom boat tour, a touch tank presentation, and fish feeding. The Sunlover Marine Biologist experience also includes exclusive presentations and a Q&A session with reef experts.

The programme is structured to meet student capabilities and competencies in line with the Australian school curriculum and is an approved provider for the Queensland Government Great Barrier Reef Education Program – where a rebate is available to schools (scaled) for participating. The programme is perfect for classes upwards of ten, lending itself perfectly to school excursions, making a day in the field an exciting one.

Along with marine biology, this programme opens the world into zoology, botany, ecology, environmental science, and much more. All essential research fields, critical to the future of our planet and our reef. Ignite that passion, be that teacher, and get the next generation of scientists out there.

Get on board and dive in, become a Marine Biologist for a day with Sunlover Reef Cruises. Students and teachers alike will become lifetime ambassadors for the Great Barrier Reef. Visit for more information.

What is included in the program?

Marine Expert Guided Snorkel tour
Semi-Submersible reef tour
Unlimited Water slide access
Touch tank presentation
Underwater observatory
Tropical North Queensland Buffet Lunch by NuNu restaurant
Glass bottom boat tour

What is covered in the program?

Reef ecology and the impact of climate change
Marine life identification
Water quality testing
Predators / Crown of Thorns starfish
GBRMPA reef health survey

Combining leisure and learning our program aligns with the Australian Curriculum and is also an approved provider for the current Qld Govt Great Barrier Reef Education Program – where a rebate is available to schools (scaled) for participating. Under this program Cairns schools kids can get access to $40.00 per student, taking our already discounted program of $119.25 down to $79.25 for a full day on the reef including marine bio for a day.

Along with the health and safety of our reef, your safety is also our highest priority and Sunlover has an impeccable safety record. A comprehensive Safety Management System includes stringent crew to passenger ratios. Please contact our team for more information or to request copies of our risk assessments. Find out more at