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Have you ever thought “that’s a great idea for a startup business, but I think I could do that differently”? Or have you considered “Wow, why hasn’t this been done before?”. If so, look no further than New Business Assistance with NEIS – helping you to #startupstr0ng

NEIS includes a program of training, mentoring and networking to breathe life into new business ideas. Even if you’ve been testing the waters with a hobby, not yet sure if it can grow into full time business, we can help you #ownyourfuture

Many NEIS businesses are going on to achieve great success, such as Cairns mechanic, Casey Bradley who has kicked off a mobile automotive repair business. Casey said the NEIS experience was invaluable and helped him to accelerate his business’s success beyond his expectations.

“After being involved in the automotive industry as a mechanic for eight years, I wanted to start my own business to gain personal and financial security and a better work/life balance,” he said.

“The NEIS program assisted me greatly to achieve success by showing me the fundamentals of business, the right step-by-step process of determining if I had a viable business concept and how to implement goals and marketing strategies.”

After just fifteen months of operation, Casey has achieved more than double his initial expectations of gross income and has the tools and confidence to continue growing his business.

NEIS is part of the jobactive program, an initiative of and fully funded by the Australian Government. Learn how to run your business right from the start!

New Business Assistance by NEIS provides you with practical start-up processes

• Create your business plan

• Assist with setting up your financials

• Develop a marketing plan

• Action plans to help bring all of your great ideas to life. Designed with a business mentor and developed specifically for your business, it’s a true recipe for business success! NEIS training and mentoring will help you gain confidence through;

• Collaboration with a network of like minded people

• Assistance tailored to your specific business’s needs

• Training at NO COST to you

• You no longer need to be registered with Centrelink to apply!

To find out more about programs and eligibility visit NEIS