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Imagine where we’d be if technology hadn’t changed the way we do things? Would we still be looking for directions using a street directory instead of a GPS?  Or, using a cassette player to play our music?  The list is endless. Well, the way we straighten teeth is no exception. Invisalign treatment is the virtually invisible, more comfortable and removable alternative to braces that can help teens get a straighter smile without the need for brackets and wires. Clearly, this changes everything…

Dr Rhonda Coyne from nqortho says, “We are seeing an increasing number of younger and teenage patients coming into our practice looking for alternative solutions to straighten their teeth.  There are many clear differences for choosing Invisalign aligners treatment.”

“Firstly, no-one needs to know they’re straightening their teeth, as Invisalign aligners are made of a smooth, clear plastic that is virtually invisible! Their friends probably won’t even know they’re wearing them. Instead of hiding their smile, they can enjoy the confidence of a better smile, every day.”

“They can also eat with freedom because Invisalign aligners are completely removable, allowing them to eat all their favourite foods.  Most importantly, this also means they can easily keep brushing and flossing as they normally would for proper oral hygiene.”

Avoiding the need to cook special meals is a big saving in time and energy for caregivers and allows orthodontic treatment to not be the drama it once was.   There are never emergency appointments for broken wires or brackets with aligners and often the time between appointments can be longer which means less time off school and work.

Lastly, teens can keep doing what they love. Whether they play sports or a musical instrument, other teeth straightening options can hold them back from enjoying the things they want to.

“Invisalign treatment helps them focus on doing what they do best—being themselves.”

More than three million people worldwide are already enjoying the benefits of a straighter smile thanks to Invisalign treatment. Invisalign treatment requires a prescription. Your Invisalign trained orthodontist will advise if this product is suitable for you.  Dr Rhonda Coyne is a Platinum Elite Invisalign provider which means that she brings a wealth of experience and understanding to your child’s orthodontic treatment needs.

Right now Dr Rhonda Coyne is offering free Invisalign Teen consultations. Book yours today by visiting