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While Fusion Fight and Fitness is home to current National and World Champions in Brazilian Jiujitsu and Mixed Martial Arts, it is not these accolades that makes them such an excellent martial arts school, but their day to day commitment to helping young people and adults develop self-confidence.

Run by a local young family in Stratford who has a primary school teaching background and three young children of their own, Jeska and Garrett know what it is like to be faced with the challenges of raising confident, respectful and disciplined young people. They are a family focused gym and aim to support and align with parents in their parenting journey to raise responsible and mentally and physically resilient individuals.

Their martial arts programs teach not only self-defence and physical fitness, but takes that important, and sometimes neglected, step of also developing mental and emotional resilience through a unique, in-built, life-skills program. The design of their professional, rotating curriculum is developmentally and age appropriate and ensures greatest skill gains and enjoyment for each child.

Unlike some other martial arts, Brazilian Jiujitsu uses leverage and technique rather than strength or power, making it a perfect anti-bullying and self-defence tool. In every class the children will “roll” (full sparring) and it is this important part of the class where children test themselves and their capacity, which leads to the greatest growth in self-confidence. Vital life lessons learnt “on the mat” are applicable to their life “off the mat” such as not giving up easily, the perseverance to keep on trying after experiencing a momentary defeat (“tapping out”), the ability to be humble in victory and the role of mentor to those less able.

Classes run throughout the entire year which gives children the opportunity to start at any time and allows them to maintain their consistency, skill and enthusiasm. Fusion Fight and Fitness has excellent reviews all round and should be on your radar if you are looking for a well-rounded, professional and value-for-money martial arts program.