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Options for Straightening Crooked Teeth 

Children today are lucky. When the time comes for your child to finally have orthodontic treatment, we are lucky to have many more options for straightening crooked teeth than the grown-ups of today ever had.

Everyone knows that the best time to see a Specialist Orthodontist is around 9 years old. This is because early detection of orthodontic problems can minimise or even eliminate the need for orthodontic treatment later in life.

If your child needs braces, then we have three main options to choose from:

1. Stainless steel braces: Small metal brackets are glued to the front surfaces of the teeth. A thin wire connects the brackets, and gently moves the teeth into the desired position. This is the most cost-effective type of braces. Additionally, they can even be decorated with all the colours of the rainbow to let you child express themselves.

2. Ceramic braces: This is like metal braces, just made from a different material. This metal allows the brackets to blend into the background. Although still visible, they are much less obvious than metal braces. However, they are just as effective at straightening teeth.

3. Clear Aligners: Aligners, such as Invisalign, are made from a clear thin plastic. They are also custom made to fit the teeth very accurately. Aligners can only be seen from close-up. Aligners are worn all day, except for eating, drinking, and brushing your teeth. You get a brand new aligner every 7-14 days, and each one is subtly different, gradually moving the teeth into the correct position.

Choosing Between the Options for Straightening Crooked Teeth


The type of orthodontic appliance you chose is often up to your personal preference. However, occasionally your Orthodontist will recommend one type over another if they feel one appliance is more suitable for your child’s situation.

When your Orthodontist begins treatment, it will normally last between 12-24 months. This is because your Orthodontist is correcting all your child’s orthodontic problems, not just the ones you can see! This ensures that your child leaves the Orthodontist with the best teeth possible to take them through a long, happy and confidence-filled life.