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For 30 years the Cairns Night Markets have been a go to attraction for tourists and travellers passing through, but sometimes as locals we need a little reminder – there’s lots for us to enjoy there too.

Beginning as a 6-month stint in 1991, the Night Markets continued to evolve and have become a standout feature and attraction in the heart of Cairns. By providing a place for local vendors to share their goods, services and diverse Far North culture, the Night Markets have given rise to local pride, and have helped showcase just what Cairns living is all about.

With over 70 vendors, the Night Markets offer an array of goodies to suit everyone in the family. Make the rounds, explore the stalls, and stock up, with a constant supply of new experiences, creations, and shops, no trip will be the same. Check out glass blowing in action, or soak your feet and feed the fish, there’s a unique experience for everyone.

After a hard day’s work there’s nothing better than heading out and getting to relax. Treat yourself to a massage, and at Night Market prices – you can treat the whole fam! Bring the whole lot down for a night out – with a bevy of dining options in the market and at the food court, everyone will finally get to have what they want. And don’t forget about dessert – you’ll be spoilt for choice no matter the craving!

If you’re on the hunt for local gifts this festive season, you’ll be hard pressed to not find them at the Night Markets. These days you can’t go wrong with a classic Cairns tee –they make for a perfect gift for those unlucky enough to be wishing they were here. There are endless aisles of creations, leather goods, macrame, and more, so finding the right gift is a guarantee. And if you’re one for crystals, pearls, gems, or rocks – you’ll be sure to leave with a bundle – good vibes coming your way!

Where nine to five is a myth, the Night Markets offer an opportunity to make the most of your time. Along with goods, there’s also ample services – there are hairdressers, nail artists, braiders, jewellery repairs, and so much more. So, if you’re short on day, in need for self-care, treats, or gifts galore, the Night Markets are the place to go.

And now that winter is behind us, it’s time to prepare for that summer heat. You can grab a classic Aussie bush hat, and some thongs – for your feet, although we wouldn’t be surprised what else you could find! Load up on sunnies, towels, and sunhats, get all prepped at night, and make the most of that summer daylight.

It’s safe to say there’s nothing more classic than the Cairns Night Markets. Built on supporting local, promoting local, and living local, it’s an institution we can definitely get behind.

So, head down and get amongst it – make the most of your time, and the most of the Cairns Night Markets.