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Sex does not always come easy, in fact Australian data suggests half of Australian women between the ages of 18 and 39 experience personal distress as a result of their sex life.

Also, one in five women (20 percent) have at least one female sexual dysfunction, whether it is low sexual self-image or arousal, desire, orgasm or responsiveness issues.

Sexual difficulties can arise from body function issues, psychological causes and social reasons. Low oestrogen and testosterone levels can lead to a diminished sex drive. Painful sex from vaginal dryness can also cause a woman to avoid sex. It is also not difficult to understand that a woman experiencing relationship distress would not want to engage in sexual activities with their partner. 

Similarly, feelings of stress, fatigue and other negative emotions will also result in diminished desire. Moreover, a less than perfect environment, such as a home with children or pets with free access to personal spaces can also be an obstacle for a healthy sex life. For some people, sexual difficulties may arise as a result of mismatched libidos, when one party has a higher sex drive than the other.

Various counselling approaches have shown promising results in men and women with sexual difficulties. In addition, understanding and awareness of the unique female sexual response and anatomy is key to sexual satisfaction. Less than 20 percent of women will orgasm from vaginal penetration alone. 

Although an orgasm is not a prerequisite to sexual satisfaction, additional stimulation of other erogenous zones and sexual organs such as the clitoris, will too help with arousal. Yet, many women and men think that the clitoris is only the small pea-sized structure that they can see, hence not fully utilising the powerful pleasure spot.

Shame and embarrassment often contributes to continued displeasure and sexual difficulties. However, there is help available from professionals such as GPs, gynaecologists, psychologists and sex therapists. 

At Dr Phoebe Hong – Obstetric and Gynaecology, Dr Phoebe Hong is able to help you with all of your sexual concerns having also completed a Master of Psychosexual Therapy from the University of Sydney. 

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