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Pools are synonymous with fun-filled summer days and enjoyment. The downside, however, is that pools are associated with a high risk of drowning, particularly for children aged 0 to 4 years.

Pool safety entails a range of factors, including children being competent swimmers, constant supervision, and ongoing pool maintenance. Only with pool- safety as main consideration will hot summer days be enjoyable – and not end tragically.

As naturally curious beings, young children love to explore and investigate. They don’t understand the potential danger of pools and especially if the pool is in your own backyard, adults often become complacent about pool safety. It is therefore important to never underestimate the dangers of a pool; children drown quickly and silently, often without making any noise or splashing.

Most children who drown in home pools fall in by accident. Pool safety is paramount and having designated supervisors is the first step in keeping kids safe. The next step is ensuring pool fencing is kept up to date. It is a well-know fact that children often access pool areas through a fence or gate which is in disrepair. Another common issue is pool gates being deliberately propped open and then forgotten to be closed.

Here are 10 Pool safety tips:
• Designated adult supervision
• Teaching children water safety skills
• Learning how to respond in case of an emergency and competently perform CPR
• Remove any pool toys that can entice children and securely store them out of sight
• Ensure your pool fence complies with pool safety standards
• Install a striker or latch to make the gate self-closing
• Adjust your gate to make sure it opens away from the pool area
• Regularly maintain gardens around the pool to ensure children cannot climb into the pool area
• Never leave chairs or furniture near the pool fence to be climbed on to gain access to the pool
• Enrol your child in swimming classes

Another fantastic resource is the Kids Alive program . The water safety program educates the public on 5 important steps to reduce the risk of preschool drowning, and the website also has educational videos and resources.

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